grease your hubs

is it good to grease your hubs
i just removes my pedals and clean them and now they creak
i got it from ideas not to grease my hubs from here

A little grease nevr did mine (isis) any harm, may of done it some good

Its a good thing to keep threads and splines well greased. Most people here use a anti-seize grease.

It should help with making noises go away, and it will allow it to be taken apart easier after. I do hub splines, pedal threads, and seatpost.

thank you i’m going to grease mine right now

Must not be smutty.

Must not be smutty.

Must not be smutty.

Use any common grease

Grease your crank splines.

New KH’s don’t come with the pedals installed. But they have a dab of grease in the pedal threads of the crank (nice touch IMHO).

As a general point in mechanics, in any device, grease splines. The only exception is if you have reason to believe the grease may contaminate another nearby part (brake linings etc). Grease and splines are like beer and pizza.:slight_smile:

I have a small jar handy in my toolbox, that I filled with grease. When I reassemble parts on my motorcycles, I grease the threads. This does not cause the part to loosen. It actually helps it tighten up better. Then it seals out corrosion, so years later it can be taken apart again. Most mechanics will not do this for their customers, because it takes more time. But I always do it for myself.:smiley: