Grease for Schlumpf hubs

Need grease for your Schlumpf?
You can buy it here.
(U.S. only)

Is it still same grease for 2016 Schlumpf hub including now needle bearings ?

Maybe European Schlumpf’ers should get together and buy a tin of the Shell grease and share the cost, exactly like MuniOrBust did.

I was thinking about that in the first place (it has been done in the dutch section I think) but finaly got à set of 5 syringes from florian for 30 euros which is enough for years of schlumpf use.
Is it really worth it to gather European unicyclists to only have more grease for cheaper in order to save few euros when only one or two syringes a year is needed?

You’re probably right. Though I would have been interested as this semi-liquid grease seems ideal for a old VW steering box!