Gravity Weekend

I am organising a gravity weekend in the Victorian Alps (Australia). The weekend will be mostly downhill on a mix of terrain.

The dates are the 21st October and the 22nd October.
The Saturday ride will start at Mt McKay at Falls Creek and basically make it down to My Beauty via unicycle/ car or a combination of both.

The Sunday ride will be downhill from Trappers Gap area under Mt Bogong.

Total distance covered over the two days could be up to 50 Km.

Riders must be AUS Members

For emerging details, visit

i should be there

mal has your website been hostily taken over by

He merged with UDC not too long ago.

sweet personally i think hostily would have been hilarious just see mal beating of hordes of’ers and then in the end surcomming to defeat

Merged is the theme. My site will remain for Muni info and my weekends. We believed this would be better for promoting unicycling in OZ, Otherwise, I am now UDC. What does hostely mean…?
As time permits, I will post info on the Gravity Weekend.
Jake, please don’t tellme how many days to go

lol, nah i won’t tell you how many days left. hostely sorta like hostile just with terrible speeling

Hope to see you and a few of the guys here. Use a speeling checker.
The weekend will be a bit different to Chiltern, more like a self help weekend and longer distances.

Sounds awesome. I’m still not sure if I can make it, but I’ll try my best. DH MUni is “Teh Sex.”

That’s my input.

Oh Mal, do you mind if I put this in my sig?





I am getting around to getting my site upgraded but here are the details so far. Let me know if you can make it.

I am hoping to make this an annual event and a unique MUC event in Oz.

This is a friendly get together of me and whoever else turns up. If you feel you are not up to it for whatever reason, but are vaguely interested, still turn up! Watch riders, get tips and try some sections or whatever.
Riders must be members of the AUS or join before they start.
There isn’t a fee but if someone uses their car to ferry you, maybe offer to help with petrol or diesel costs.
All protective gear must be worn. No negotiation on this.

Details areas follows:
Use this forum to exchange details of rides, accommodation etc. Please do not fill it with …ah crap.

Saturday Morning: Meet at the first car park at Falls Creek about 9.30 am. The morning will be getting lifts in cars up to the top of Mt McKay and riding down any way you want back to the car park. I will be taking the roads, but the home runs like Wombats Ramble would be ridable. Hmm, with a bit of encouragement, Wombats Ramble could be a possibility). All gravel and grass

Saturday afternoon: Meet at the car park again at about 2.00 pm to ride to Mt Beauty. Mostly (90%) downhill on bitumen. This is history, if you do it you are likely to be the first. At the bottom of Mt Beauty we can then go the famous Mt Beauty Bakery to show the two wheel riders a thing or two.

Saturday Evening: A BBQ and a bon fire at my farm at Mt Creek Road for those who can still stand up and are interested. There is also a “private trials course” if you have the energy.

Sunday morning: Meet at Mountain Creek Picnic ground (10 k from the Bogong pub). We can go up to Trappers Gap and Eskdale Spur, down Mt Emu Rd or wherever. I know the tracks from a combination of unicycling and MTB so can guide you as to what is best. To do Mt Emu down from the power poles, it is the only ride that could require a 4WD. Normally it is 2WD is OK but it is pretty rough (we don’t have to try this though).

Please confirm that you are coming. This just help with the organisation.

If riders want a DVD, I need help with compiling, photographing, videoing, editing and making. This is a self help weekend and exercise.

[B]Riders under 18 will need a person to be responsible for them over the weekend and a permission note from Parents/Caregivers. This will be on the site soon.

All riders will need to fill out a medical form with Medicare details, allergies etc

Hope to see a few mad riders at the event.


I’ll be there, definitely. Rain sleet or etc. couldn’t keep me away from a good ride like this.

See you there

i need a ride up there i have everything else in order

Mal do i need to fill out more forms or will the other ones from chiultern be sufficient

what is up that way for accomadation??


I will be there Mal.

I’m unsure about transport. But I’m definately going!

I hope you still have the 24" aside for me ^.^

Look farward to catching up.

Is the offer to rough it out at your farm in a tent(ical) of our own still availible?


I have lots of space but only 1 toilet so it depends on numbers. Also, there is the Mountain Creek Camping ground about 200 m up the rd in the National Park. It has toilets, no charge and you can camp right next to Mountain Creek. A nice spot.

I have 1 26" available at the moment. 1st in Ed, you can have it. There might be some more 24 s but no promises at the moment.

Jake and other riders under 18, just download the permission form from the Chiltern Weekend and change the date etc. I am having trouble uploading my site.


Offer of ride to and from Gravity Weekend from Melbourne area

Gravity weekend

Nicholas and I are planning to go to the Gravity weekend. We will be camping, either at Mal’s or at the Mountain Creek camping ground, probably the latter, because it is so close. The car is an eight seater and so anyone in the Melbourne area and on the way is welcome to a ride (no cost). Obviously the more people in the car, the less room for unicycles, hence I would like expressions of interest so as I can decide whether to hire a trailer or not, or whether to bring the bike rack.

You would need to bring some sort of tent and sleeping bag and mat. For those under 18, I would need some form of permission from the parents that you are allowed to travel with me.

We would leave as soon as possible after school is out in Oakleigh (school finishes at 3:30 pm) on Friday 20 October. I see a potential route is Box Hill (or some other place on the Lilydale rail line), Wallan, Kilmore, [M31] Glenrowan, Snow Road [route 160], Myrtleford [route 156], Ovens, Happy Valley Road (route 160) to Kiewa Valley Highway (route 191) towards Tarwonga, but turning up to the camping ground on Mountain Creek Road and pitching the tents in the dark. Route can be modified to pick anyone up, including Mooroolbark, but meeting at a convenient station may save time.

Return on the Sunday afternoon.

Those who are interested, please let me know.


unfortunately although i would love to go i have exams the following week so i wont be able to make it :frowning: i havent done any muni for ages and i am itching to get back out there so hopefully soon…


Hey guys,

I need a lift there and back, but I can take a tent so that’s pretty easy to organise. Barry, you name a place and a time that you can pick me up from and I’ll be there. If anyone else on the Lilydale is getting a lift I could just go to their station and get picked up from there.

Who else is going?

Cheers, Lord Keven-brow the first

Melbourne to Gravity weekend and back

So far it is you, Nick and me. Ed will come with us as well, unless his father goes. If it’s just you I’ll pick you up from your home (say) about 4:30 pm on Friday. If Ed comes it might be best if I pick you up from Surrey Hills Railway Station, again at about 4:30 pm. Bring some food to eat in the car because I won’t stop for an evening meal.

It’s still on. Looks like about 7 riders that I know of. A nice small group to challenge each other and have some fun.
This is a first and we will only know if it is possible…after we do it.
Barry, I will put a unicycle and a lantern at my gatepost on Friday evening but give me a call when you are on the way. Any other riders from interstate?

Cheap new Munis

UDC are helping to sponser the event by offering three Munis for sale on the weekend at rediculous prices. The Munis are a 24" and 26" Nimbus and a KH Cross Country 24". we want bums on Muni seats

Prices on application.

Now, if you want a good coffee, we will be at the MT Beauty bakery at about 8.30 on Sat morning.