Gravity Weekend Australian Alps (Victoria)

Gravity Weekend Victorian Alps Australia

I would like to organise a gravity weekend in the Victorian Alpine and Sub-alpine region. The location would be Falls Creek and Mt Beauty/Tawonga area.

Rough itinery:
Day one Sat Falls Creek.
Mt McKay down to the village via the ski slopes or gravel roads.

Falls Creek to Mt Beauty 30ks. Sealed Road. If you have a support crew, get a lift at any stage, say after the Pretty Valley Bridge at 15 ks

Keen riders might be able to do the MTB downhill tracks at Big Hill MT Beauty (site of various Australian MTB Champs). I would have to check this out.

Day 2 around the base of Mt Bogong. Trappers Gap and Eskdale Spur. Downhill on dirt tracks.

The weekend would be mainly touring downhill. This could involve some trips between 10 and 30 ks.

Let me know if you are interested so I can keep organising.

DATE: After the ski season. Late October early November 2006. When I get some interest, I will decide on an exact dat and will post the information in the news forums


Bill Blogs is an alien!

if i wasn’t doind anything else i would go!

i could fly down and but i have school! arrrrrhhhhhhhhhh!!!

hey that sounds like an awesome weekend! i think that’s school time for me so i cant :(…

yea we finish school on the 24th of November i think. unless theres a long weekend or something we may be able to

That’s a shame guys, but school comes first unfortunately. I just decided on the time to be as soon as possible after the snow, not that there is much this year anyway.

I hope it will be a great weekend and hope to see some riders. I have about three already at this early stage.

The date is not set in concrete. Maybe I should have a poll. What do you reckon?

yea a pole would be good. i agree though, straight after the snow season would be awesome, but you may get more riders if its november/december

Regardless of the date. it is always cool up there (excuse the pun).

i have been there but i haven’t riden there before. that was years ago, but yes it is pretty cool up there.

I will get in touch with the unicyclist that I know, and see if there is a preferred time. The date doesn’t worry me much until I set a firm date.

I love the area and like the idea of riding down most of the time with some other riders.

It could become an icon ride on the calender

yea that would be awesome. like a once-a-year ride or something.

any chance of doing it 14/15th october?

that’s still school holidays for us. i think it’s the week after the ski season ends

that would be good. when do we start school again though

EDIT sorry guys i mean the 7/8th of october, thats still the holidays for us.

we start back the monday after tom.

hmmm, thats good enough for me

Ahh Mal, you’re amazing.

I’d be up for a ride, I don’t think it’s to far from sunny Kilmore. I shall notify the lads as well.

I don’t think the date will be a matter for me :slight_smile:


I gotto go to bed soon. I will look at all holidays including mine. If you are serious, let me know as the time is flexible at the moment.

It could be me, one or two people or more. 10 to 15 seems a hopefull number.

Thanks Ed, I haven’t gone to bed yet. I live in two places, Falls Creek/Mt Beauty /Tawonga area is different to Chiltern. More down than XC. Up is generally too hard on a uni.

People could camp at my farm at the base of Mt Bogong.

is there a required level of ride-a-bility (i.e you should be level 5 and up to ride along with us so you dont lag back too much?)

camping and uniing, sounds fun. i suggest we go for a few more days. say 3 or 4. that would be fun, but im not sure if everyone would agree with me