Gravity Unicycle on eBay

Hi, I am not a unicyclist yet–but I want to be!
I have been shopping (bike stores,, ebay, etc) but I am also broke because I am a college student.

I am writing because I saw what looks like a nice unicycle on ebay. It is a 24 inch “Gravity” unicycle. Does any one here know of the Gravity unicycle brand? Are they good? The price is excellent, and there are a lot of them.

I just want it so I could learn, then maybe hit my parents up for some cash later to get me a stronger and nicer one for christmas.

Here is the link to the unicycle I saw on eBay.

Gravity Unicycle on eBay

Thank you,


Yeah looks like a decent uni, good condition etc, and a good price - go for it!
Never hear of a ‘gravity’ unicycle, im guessing thats some kind of brand…

you’ll soon see why it’s called ‘Gravity’

enjoy the ride!

I haven’t heard of that brand, but it looks lile a good beginner uni. I noticed it has main bearing type bearing retainers, 36 spoke hub and a decent looking saddle. These are all good things, it would be hard to beat for the price if you’re just going to use it for a trainer.

The Gravity looks like a decent beginner uni. Actually, I thought it looks a lot like a Sun. But, I would go for the Torker LX instead of the Gravity. The Torker has a better saddle, and an aluminum rim. It is also a well known unicycle and a very good value. You can find them on, many local bike shops, and ebay.


There doesn’t appear to be anything obviously “wrong” with it, and it may give you many happy hours of riding.

If you don’t know whether you’re going to enjoy it yet, there’s a good argument for only getting a cheap one. However, a 20 inch wheel is generally regarded as the easiest to learn on.

Assuming that you really take to it, you will inevitably want to customise or upgrade, whatever you buy.

Go for it.