Gratuitous violence against drinks cans

I’ve been having an unreasonable amount of fun crushing cans during breaks at the office and we grabbed some vids :slight_smile: They’re not meant to be well edited, and the riding’s not good but it’s a great way of relieving stres.

Disclaimer: if you try this at home you may break your tyre / your unicycle / yourself / the floor

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PS: We moved to an old road for the later attempts in case the cans scratched the paving, although it didn’t cause any very noticeable marking. I was hoping the 29er muni would have a chunky enough tyre that the cans wouldn’t stick to it - I was wrong: despite trying an idle, that can just stayed stuck.

PPS: Would love to ride my 36er over some cans but really don’t want to get a puncture on that!

PPPS: Yeah, the 29er shots happened after a stressful afternoon, which is why I’m making growling noises. Don’t worry - no cans were harmed in the making of these videos, I love cans, really!

haha that made me crack up when you ran back and yelled and started smashing the cans with your uni.

If you feel like wasting a few good cokes you should shake em up then lay em out like that and run em all over.

Death to cans!

I was riding over can on my learner and the can stuck and when it hit the frame

it made a brbrbrrb rrrrrrrgrgr noise

it was funy

But did you fall off like I did? I’m not really sure if I fell off because of the can, or because of the silly noise :slight_smile: It wouldn’t come off the 29er tyre even though I put an idle!

That’s actually quite tempting, although it seems a shame to waste all that sugary goodness! Maybe if I did it with diet drinks :wink: Actually the amount of caffeine originally contained in those cans might go some way to explaining my strange behaviour…

Any other suggestions for things I can destroy with a uni? It’s quite good fun, and a good stress reliever!

i think i did that on a bike once

I keep misreading that as “cokers” :slight_smile: