Grant from Balance Bar (sports nutrition)

I got the good news today. Based on my essay, I will be receiving one of the
grants from Balance Bar–enough to outfit a team with mountain unicycles. I am
now officially sponsored. Look out Kris!

David Maxfield
not quitting his day job
Bainbridge Island, WA

That is excellent, David. I think everyone in the newsgroup knew that essay was a winner when they read it. Congratulations.

So, who are the lucky muniers? Dont keep us in suspense.
-David Kaplan

P.S. Did I mention that I could sure use an upgrade from my Sem XLW? Maybe something with a profile hub? Hint…Hint :wink:

Re: Grant from Balance Bar (sports nutrition)

>So, who are the lucky muniers?

My local elementary school–where I volunteer. They have 20 beater unicycles
now. I hope to get them at least 5 real muni’s–maybe the Wilder Ladies’ model.
I want them to expand from the gym floor to the nearby trails.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Re: Grant from Balance Bar (sports nutrition)

Congratulations David!

Like Harper said above, the essay really was a winner. Keep us all posted.

David Straitjacket

Re: Grant from Balance Bar (sports nutrition)

I remember your excellent essay and I knew they couldn’t possibly
resist. Congratulations - but now the work only starts. It should be
lots of fun though.

Klaas Bil

On 19 Mar 2002 20:52:40 GMT, (Maxfield D) wrote:

>I got the good news today. Based on my essay, I will be receiving one of the
>grants from Balance Bar–enough to outfit a team with mountain unicycles. I am
>now officially sponsored. Look out Kris!
>David Maxfield
>not quitting his day job
>Bainbridge Island, WA

“To trigger/fool/saturate/overload Echelon, the following has been picked automagically from a database:”
“sweep, Carnivore, OIR”


Please repost your essay for those who have not had the opportunity to read it. It really was outstanding. I know it’s in the fora somewhere but I haven’t found it.


I ditto Harper’s suggestion about posting the essay again. I haven’t been very active on the newsgroup for the past few months and would like to see it.

Congrats also.

Work the maze.

Re: Re: Grant from Balance Bar (sports nutrition)

Just don’t tell the boys that it’s the ladies model. :slight_smile:

That is so cool. I’m going to make sure I stuff a Balance bar in my bag when I go on rides. They’re good tasting bars.


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy; Max wrote into the group to TELL us about the grant, more concerned for getting the info out than competition. Way to go!


Re: Grant from Balance Bar (sports nutrition)

Here’s the essay I ended up submitting. They had asked for an essay that showed
how your sport furthered a balance–mental/physical, left-brain/right-brain,
ying/yang, etc.

Unicycle Essay-500 words

Balance? Do you want balance? How about throwing yourself down a set of stairs
on a unicycle? How about hurtling across the side of a mountain on one wheel?
“Look ma, no hands, no brakes, no gears, no second wheel!” Is this a balance
sport? Is this man balanced? “Hey, man are you ever 2 Tired?”

Take two…

Center! Weight on your seat. Smooth, round pedal strokes. Eyes up. Focus,
focus… Go for it! Like little birds leaping from their nests, third graders
launch away from the wall, fluttering on their unicycles–some catching a pedal
and falling to the earth; others catching the concept and soaring across the
gym. My heart flies with these little birds.

Take three…

I did my doctoral work in psychology at Stanford University. I worked with
parents who abused their children, and with managers who struggled in
challenging work environments. I learned that many people problems exist
because “knowing what to do” is not enough.

Some skills are full of thorny concepts–think calculus or chess. Others are
full of thorny behaviors–think swimming or unicycling. Most people skills are
not rocket science. They are closer to unicycling than they are to chess.
Teaching people skills using books and lectures is like discussing
gravitational dynamics with a unicyclist. It doesn’t make for a good parade.

Professionally, I teach managers to solve conflicts–using concepts I learn
from teaching children to mountain unicycle. As an amateur, I teach children to
mountain unicycle–using concepts I learn from teaching managers to solve

Take four…

You’re descending, a rock just ahead. Lean back, take the hit. It throws you
forward, back into the balance envelope. Your wheel gives on the scree,
spinning loose for a second. You’re free falling. Tuck your wheel under you,
aim to launch off whatever you hit. There, you’ve bounced back. More river
rocks-it’s all baby heads! A bucking bronco couldn’t be rougher. Leap! Recover!
Leap! This is living in the instant. This is Zen. This is not a clown in a
carnival. This is Mountain Unicycling!

Take five…

The National & International Unicycle Conventions are coming to North Bend,
Washington this summer. There will be exciting downhill unicycle competitions,
and I want to organize a team of my third, fourth, and fifth graders. I teach
unicycling as a volunteer at my local school. They have some beater unicycles,
but need better equipment if they are to ride the lifts to Snoqualmie Summit,
and win the races coming down. I’ll put in the time, if Balance can help me
purchase 5 mountain unicycles.

Teachers tell me some of their tough cases have turned around through
unicycling. It could be adult time, it could be a sense of accomplishment, it
could be learning how to focus, it could be time away from TV, it could be
bullshit–but it makes me very motivated. I’d love to take a winning team to
the Nationals, and have Balance be their sponsor.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Wow, I had a program at my elementary school… but it doesnt sound like anything you described! That’s really impressive… the essay was well written too!
Two thumbs up on a job well done! I can also vouch for how much of a difference the after school club made in my life!
And so in a way, I’m say’n thanks to you for the difference that you are making in a kids life- a kid like the one I was:)

I personally think Cliff bars give you the energy you need to unicycle and/or bike ride.Though I have never tried anything ele’s.