Granite Bay, Ca 36" rider

Saw a rider on a 36" in Granite Bay,Ca. today…Just wondering if it was anyone here? Just don’t see to many around here.

Most likely was John Hooten, who does training rides around his home on Barton Road. Another possibility is Robert Allen of Roseville, who does post here occasionally, but he’s usually working during the day, and might be out of town at the moment.

If I’m out there, I’m usually around Folsom Lake or the river, on the bike paths. :slight_smile:

What about yourself? Are you in the area much? I’ve got a group ride coming up on Saturday in Folsom (John’s Rob-ish Ride, 2nd edition). Saturday at 10:00am at the Old Folsom parking garage.

I ride the Granite Bay MTB trails a couple days a week on my 29er and I was out there yesterday, but you said 36er so it wasn’t me. Great to find out about more riders in the area though!

Barton rd.

Thanks everyone…It was Barton rd.


Thanks…I am build a big custom house in GB…Not for me:(…But I am still learning how to ride. I built a 26" Muni but finding little time to learn…But I will:).

Welcome new people in my local area! Naction, worry not; the days are getting longer and hopefully this will give you more time to play with your new uni.

Rockjunkie, you are also invited to our ride on Saturday. Most of the people will be on 36", but if you can keep up a decent pace, you should be fine for at least the first loop. We’re doing two loops from Old Folsom, where the first one has a lot of dirt in it. The second one will be mostly pavement, and each loop is about 10 miles. You can contact me through my website if you’d like more info. Chance to meet Nathan Hoover and others from the Bay area! Unfortunately looks like Corbin Dunn won’t be able to make it. :frowning:

Thanks for the invite and I’d love to meet some other unicyclist in the area, but I’m heading out of state for the the next 9 days to check off some of my “must ride” places! We’ll have to stay connected because I’d love to do some long XC rides up the hill when the snow melts.