Grandma goes for a ride?

My son and I just happened to see a quick segment on public television
recently – a show called Cyberchase. This young man starts out on his
unicycle to go visit his sick grandmother. He gets a flat tire (tyre), and
someone gives him a ride. Once he gets to Granny’s house, she comes to the
door, and she’s just fine. She says, “I’m feeling better. In fact, I was
just going out for a spin.” Then she grabs her unicycle and heads outdoors.

But it ended there, and she didn’t ride it!!! I thought it would have
been much funnier if she’d hopped on and ridden down the driveway. Do you
think she was just pretending to know how to ride? That’s no fair. I
should be able to believe anything I see on public television, right?

Oh well.


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