Grand opening of "MUni-World"!

This has been a vision of mine for many years now, and it has finally come true! About 3 years ago I bought 1000 acres in Utah, and hired none other than Kris to help me design “MUni-World”! There will be trams every 10 minutes to take DH riders to the top of the mountain, where there’s a whole network of awesome trails, ranging from easy to insane, with a killer trials course at the bottom!
And MUni-World will be equipped with a pro shop carrying a complete line of KH products, including his awesome new energy drink! :smiley:


April Fools, Terry??? :smiley:
Great idea though, lol


That got me so excited…
I was ready to buy a plane ticket to Utah :o

Glad I wasn’t the only one. I seriously was about to open a new window with airfare prices.

I’ve had this idea for years now, and it is definitely me dream and goal to one day build a Uni/Muni-only park, although it will likely have to be on a bit of a smaller scale, haha. I would still want to consult with KH and others about the design and how we could go about landscaping the trails and adding various man-made obstacles like LOTS of North Shore stuff.

And I also love the idea of at least one tram running from the base (where the trials playground would be) to the top of wherever it would be, specifically for DH trails, of which ALL would take off in different directions from one point! I have so many ideas I just hope to actually make it a reality one day, and you’re ALL invited! :smiley:

umm- guys. Not wanting to sound like a jackass or anything, but there are ‘Muni-worlds’ all over the place…They are called Mountainbike parks. If you have a dig around you can probably find one within a days drive from you. I have no issues sharing the trails with our 2 wheeled bretheren.


they dont like us tho!

Since when? Most of the mountain bikers I encounter are very friendly and impressed by the unicycle, save those who are just all around grumpy people…

And Terry, you just made my day, then massively ruined it. That made me happy, finally a successful April fool :stuck_out_tongue:

I rode at our local gravity park and they got a bit grumpy…

there may be a cheap option to build that: my father was a mining engineer in Morocco and he had a very clever thing to help people to “walk up” from an exploratory mine:
there was a long long cable with a small motor and wheels … so the cable made a loop from downhill wheel to uphill wheel. Now if you wanted to climb you had to snatch a specially designed iron stick , block it to the cable … and off we went (some skis lifts use this in a more sophisticated way). Now the question is: would we like to “walk up” or to “roll up” (could be pretty dangerous then).

We used a ski tow rope to get up the muni hill at Unicon xiv. We rolled up, it wasn’t too dangerous.