Gran Sasso

After lots of offroad trips with a enduro bike, some with a mtb, i definitely was missing something along the “go essential” path…
Here are some pics of my first muni trip.

Nobody liked the pics? :thinking:
Here are a couple more…

My bag before taking the trip:
few things for keep my person clean (toothpaste/brush/soap)
underwear (one t-shirt, one pair of long socks, one knickers)
rain jacket, extralight cold jacket,
2l water, patches/levers/pump, two allen keys (pedals, seat clamp)
Knife, lighter, headlamp, compass, mosquito/ticks repellent (neem oil+thyme mix)
almonds, nuts, chocolate.
some food to eat on the train

I was also wearing a helmet, knee/shin pads and gloves

The weight of my bag was 5,2 kg, comprising the 2l water… really not bad i guess…
I had the 24x3 duro, so i deliberately left the spare tube at home, along with other stuff.
To keep the low weight i had to change my travelling habits, and choose to sleep in mountain shelters instead of carrying my hammock and a 0° sleeping bag.
Gran Sasso is quite vast and wild enough, at least for my standards, but luckily all around i’ve found lots of watersprings, so after two days i decided to fill up my water bladder with only 1,2 liters… more weight savings and more energy for hops.
With this setup i’ve been able to do my 6 days trip around Gransasso (Italy), without problems at all.
I’m not new at offroad travelling, but i’m super new at unicycling…I’ve been doing it from only last summer.
Being my first Muni trip, i was not sure i would have liked this, it was kinda experimental, but…
What’s the verdict? my mtb is on sale by now :smiley:

Guess not. Maybe it’s time for a different hobby, ever thought about slack lining?

Ropes are good for bdsm, slack lining sounds too clowny to me…
Actually, I knew I was bad in taking pics, but never realised how bad… Usually blaming the phone was enough to get over the guilt

I liked them. Maybe everyone is out riding and not visiting the forum.

Wish I could do a trip like that. Thanks for posting them.

A summer weekend with good weather is delaying for sure the reply to your post. I liked the pics too and it is just feeding my travelling-offroad-by-uni bug :wink:

Nooooooo !!!
Arghhhhhhhhh !!!

I live at less of 50 Km from Gran Sasso…, i lost the occasion to ride with you


Ps: Superfunk, are you still in my area ???

Beautiful pictures!

Absolutely epic. I bet that was a wonderful experience. What size rim is that unicycle? The mountain in the background absolutely dwarfs it. :slight_smile:

The wheel I’ve used is a mix of parts.
Tyre is the Duro 24x3, rim is a Mavil (looks like kh, but it’s without eyelets), frame is kh, seat is a straightened kox trials (velo base), brake is avid elixir r. Spooner device is hand made with cork from a good tasty red wine…
I had big braking issues, last two days I’ve cooked the oil, and finished the pads. The caliper held locked for quite long time…
At the moment the brake is getting serviced by my lbs, but that inconvenient made the end of the trip, and made me take the train to relax in tirreno sea… :sunglasses:

Gippi, I’m sorry we didn’t met, it would have been nice. Actually, it’s a shame that Italian unicyclists are not really active with events… Maybe we’re so few…
Are you planning to hit the alps? Maybe you’re coming to unioec?
Comunque non mi dispiacerebbe affatto tornarci!

It’s true, expecially in middle Italy, we have too few unicyclists and we are not too much active in organizing events.

No, i will not be in unioec (but probably in next Unicon in Spain…).

My congratulations for yours perfect italian phrase. And if you will come here again, i will be glad to meet you !!!


It’s not that no one liked your pics, it’s just the name (Gran Sasso) that people outside Italy do not know.

Make your title more obvious, for example:

“Overnight Muni Trip in the Italian Alps”