Grainy Muni photo's from Fall city,OR

DudleyDoRide,chadsquats and I were able to get to a very steep trial in the town of Fall City OR,last was a very wet day but fun none the less.Dud’s had a film camera that died on the trail 9 shots in,oh well.

heres me coming off a log.

heres DudleyDoRide going up a log.the log starts on the ground and rises to about 4 feet,Dud’s about at the mid-point.

heres chadsquats kicking the beginning of the log climb for scraching his new KH24.

jagur going up the log climb.

a few more photo’s can be seen at

Damn thats a sexy shirt Jag, whered you get it… ?:smiley:

Looks like alot of fun.


Cool looking frame, too. I’ve seen a couple of those before. It looks really lightweight. How do you like it?

Mmmmm… Red frame. Just as I thought. :wink: Very, very nice.

the cat is out’ta bag so to speak.better pic’s of the SH soon.

John,you did’nt think i would spend $550 for Wilder did you?thats the only other red frame i know of unless you thought i was getting a powder coated Bedford.

Harper,mine has a few improvements… muhohaha??

I know that Steve abandoned the scalloped bearing housing for a smooth, round one with a retaining lip. This gives better grip with no bearing binding and keeps it from trying to slide axially in the frame. Did you get one of his hardened, stainless steel, splined axles, too? That would be WAY cool, rustproof, and bombproof.

I really like the one I have. It’s so much lighter than any of the other MUni’s I have seen. Since I ran mine in Puget Sound to test the rust-free materials, I have no problem with the bearings sliding. The bearings are stock, sealed 6203’s and developed a fine patina of rust on the outer races which keeps them in place.


this SH frame was made awile ago so it has the scallops.the modifications were re-boreing the 40mm bearing retainers to 1 5/8 (Profile size) so now there is a tiny outer bearing lip.

the seat tube was also welded on,under the crown.

im still riding a Profile hub.

I didn’t even think of the Wilder. I was pretty sure you had a Steve Howard frame. Second guess was a red Yuni frame painted like AccordNSX’s red freestyle unicycle that he sold.

The SH frames look really good. When I was test riding one of the early ones I got several comments from bikers and hikers on the trail about the frame. It definately gets noticed. I never get any comments about my KH frame looking cool and only get a few comments about my Vortex frame. The SH frame wins big time in the style department.

I have to go make my Avatar even more green with envy, now.