Gracie Sobello in U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame

The unicycles that Gracie Sorbello used for her cross-country trip (on-road, 36"), and for her Great Divide trip (off-road, 29"), are now enshrined in the newly opened U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis, CA. Congrats to Gracie!

That is great news!

It leaves me to wonder what unicycle she will ride now that her two famous ones are not available.


Awesome! Congratulations Gracie!

The photo makes the place look great. We need a field trip up there soon to check it out.


FIELD TRIP! GROUP RIDE! Where would you guys like to go? Come on out to the foothills while the grass is still green! Then stay overnight at my house, I guess, to fit in with museum hours… :slight_smile:

Congratulations Gracie! You certainly deserve it.

excuse my lack of knowledge…are there any informations about her rides :thinking: : ) a little browsing can find blogs on both, and both are good reads, not too long.

Ok - now I know;)

Gratulation for this exceptionel tour and success :sunglasses:

It’s nice to see unicycles in the Bicycling [sic] Hall of Fame.

I’d love a little group ride around Davis, with a museum visit involved. I’m not feeling up to planning one right now so…please keep me in the loop if you (John) or anyone else wants to do this!

They should post a photo of her riding across the USA in her bare feet.

Gracie came through Memphis on her ride across the country. Congratulations to Gracie.