Graceful Fat Sheba

Wow, that would be cool if this was made in 36h (if it is please correct me, I could only find 32h)

80mm and double wall :astonished:

That is huge! Can you use 3" tires on that or does it have to be bigger.


Damm, that makes a Large Marge look kind of skinny;) :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t. I’m guessing that what you are meaning to spell in Romanized Korean is “shebal” and it means something worse than sht. Sht is “nimiral” in Korean.

is this for 20" tyres or trials 19"?

and what tyres can fit on that apart from the massive hot rod ones? And since it’s so big it would probably be strong enough for a 36h hub to 32h rim. It’s not like it’s a magnesium rim or anything at 1.3kg… LOL

26" tires, it would fit a endomorph nicely and probably a 3.0 gazz. It only comes in 32h:( .

Is this like…

What the hell is this even used for?

EDIT: I guess if you’re into “extreme condition snow and sand riding.”

Either way your both wrong. Spelling a Korean symbol out in english will never get the correct word only a guess. But “Sheba” as pronounced in english is nothing in Korean.

Edit- Btw is this rim possible to fold a tire on?

I used the actual Romanized version. So my way is the correct way if you do not have a computer that can do Korean characters. I wouldn’t talk about this unless I had some solid information.

I think the Large Marge is as big as unicyclists need at this point. Even if somebody were to get this laced to a uni hub, the frame needed would be so wide that knee bashing would become a serious problem, even more so with brakes. Not to mention that this adds 300g of rotational weight. A uni built up with this rim would be a tank.

“this item currently unavailable”

too bad.

A bike shop in Ridgeway Colorado had one of these 4.5" tired unicycles for rent/sale. I tried it out around the parking lot. Super easy to ride, you could probably track-stand all day on it.

I kinda want one now…:slight_smile:

You wouldn’t want to run this rim on a unicycle, trust me. Even the large marge is too much and thats only 65mm. You couldn’t run a standard 3" tire on this, it would handle horribly. A Large marge totally robs any bounce or rebound from a 3" tire which in the case of drops and going up and down steep things sideways is good but it makes getting any hop height impossible. Not to mention how much this thing would weigh and how sluggish it would feel with that much surface area.

Novelty at best for unicycles. Or maybe dune riding with an endomoph.

I still want to ride one.

Then by all means get one and tell us how it rides. :slight_smile:

Seems a tad overkill to me. Might be fun to try though! :stuck_out_tongue:

So the lm isn’t really all that good? I thought of getting one a while back. I think unicyclist should start moving toward thinner tires though, I think a 2.6 or something, 3in with an lm seems rather extreme, let alone 80mm.

Good for drops and VERY bumpy downhills (and I would think sandy or muddy trails). Not as good as a skinnier rim for hopping up.

There are several riders who swear by that rim though (like some of the Santa Barbara guys).

You’ve hit it right on the head, thats what I was trying to say.

It all depends on the type of riding you are doing. If you are doing fast downhill then its awesome. If you are doing more trials like muni riding then its not as good.

I like to joke that I wouldn’t even notice if I got a flat on my LM+Duro, I’m able to run the tire soooo soft which is awesome for looser sand. Theres some trails by my house that are made up of pretty loose dirt and on my old Torker DX (Alex rim + kenda 2.6) it wasn’t ridable, it would just squirm around and I’d have no traction or balance with the wheel sinking and sliding below me. With the LM + Duro 3" I can cruise those trails just fine, I barely even notice it. Its actually not too terrible on longer flatter trails, its more like 26" wheel and totally absorbs any roots or smaller bumps, you can just glide over the trails. It is noticeably heavier though.

Have you tried a 2.6" Gazz on your DX?

I’m thinking of putting one on mine. I don’t like the round profile of my Arrow Widebite.

I’ve only ever tried the kenda 2.6 which comes on it, the maxxis hookworm 2.4 and the Duro 3" on the DX. I’ve heard that the Gazz 2.6" is a pretty terrible tire, not nearly as good as the 3" and not just because its narrower. Thats just word of mouth though. I’ve never ridden on one.