after much poundering i realised that grabs have probrbly had the least publisiety as a “street trick” why is this?

Personaly i like to put grabs into lines at is makes them much more intresting than doing a shifite or even just jumping and landing ect and also adds to the dificulty, has anybody pulled a 360 mute grab down a five set???

I only really know/use three types of grab which are;
tire taps/safty grabs - left had left side of tire
mute grab - left hand right side of tire
pedel grabs* - left hand left pedel.

I suppose we could also have all the above grabs as a backside trick or fakie but are there any other grabs people use. One iv been trying is to grab the bottom edge of the tire (sweet spot) but can never get enough air time or bottle to fully commit.

I know iv taken most of these names from fruit booting (roller bladeing) and skateborading ect but hey what ya gunna go. Most where inspired by them anyways.

Stu (an sorry about the bed spelling)

i think what you call a pedal grab should be a foot grab as pedal grab is already associated with pedal/crank grab to rubber

Arahhh is seams so obvious, i spent ages trying to think of something else to call them instead of pedel grabs.

Re: Grabs

Make sure you remember that not everyone will use the same hand when hopping as you, so try to alter these to make it work for the others. I assume you hop with your right hand, but I don’t know. Even just putting that after those lines would be good.

Here’s my opinion on grabs

I think part of the reason grabs don’t get much publicity is because; when it really come down to it there are only 2 grabs you can do on a unicycle - tire grab in front of the frame and a tire grab behind the frame. I’m not saying that grabbing the tire in different ways isn’t difficult but grabbing the right side of your tire is going to look almost the same as grabbing the top of your tire. I think you can only see so many grabs before they get old fast.