Gps ??

who uses them when rideing?
what are some good ones?
aney other info you can give me?

The Garmen Forerunner 205 is awesome!

It’s very accurate, small and works in MUni conditions (under tree cover).

An amazing investment.

The perfect workout partner.

Open the box and turn it on and you instantly get what you are looking for.

There is nothing like getting this type of info wirelessly.

You can ride with mine if you are coming to the next Long Island Muni ride on 10/21.

Have Fun On “One”


i have the garmin forerunner and i love it.
check out any system by garmin and you should be satisfied.

Put me down for a forerunner as well. 201, I believe. Time, distance, and pace and lots of ways to download your tracks to maps online.

Garmin E-trex. Right on.

I’ll be getting one of those for my birthday in a week or so. Should be sweet to use not only for speedboarding speed data and stuff but also for unicycling/biking/hiking trip data, and even geocaching if I feel enclined to try it. :slight_smile:


Which E-Trex?

I got the E-Trex Vista CX because I wanted mapping and the barometric altimeter. The CX also takes micro SD cards so you load gobs of maps or have map sets on multiple cards.

I either clip it to the shoulder strap or put it in the top pocket of my hydration pack. For skiing I put it in my front upper pocket. If it’s not in a pocket, be sure to have the lanyard secured to something in case it comes unclipped.