GPS App for iPhone

I just received a new iphone 4.

Does anyone have suggestions for or against any of the multitude of iphone apps for unicycling.

Minimally I would be looking for pretty standard stuff: Trip time, trip distance, top speed, average speed.

Bonus features might include a map of the route, ability to download to my pc, elevation tracker, pedal speed… and even more important for a unicycle… some measure of pedal speed consistency.

Hi Biped.
MotionX has a great app. Its only about 3 or 4 Au$.
You can downlad the maps before you go riding so that if you are in a 0 reception area it will still show details. You can record a ride, this will include speed (avg and top) distance and elevation / climbing.
You can email the record in a format that most programs can use, such as
Really good program for the price.


CycleMeter by Abivio

I use CycleMeter by Abivio. It has all the features the OP requested and then some my favorite of which is the Announcement option which will “speak” to you each hour / mile because I carry iHome speakers in CamelBak rather than wearing headphones (afraid of cars) and it will pause song to give me the info. Also, it will “speak” FaceBook so I can hear my wife say “David, the kids are hungry, will you be pedaling near the house anytime in the near future?” as well as feed Twitter with route info so she can figure approx where I’m at in my normal route. Then, at the end of the day, share my route map on Daily Mile.

+1 for MotionX, great value for your money. I’m using it a lot.

Thanks for the tips. I guess these apps are pretty cheap… which is good and bad… I don’t want to waste time testing apps other folks have personal experience with.

That’s what makes this community so awesome.

Once I get this new device sorted out I’ll follow up this thread with what I end up doing.


Rob, thanks for the pointer to MotionX. I’ve used it enough to know a few things about it:


  • It does everything I was looking for and more.
  • It's easy to setup.
  • At first I had it telling me my speed and distance every minute. I found it very distracting as I rushed to mount and ended up screwing up the mount. I toned it down to every 10 minutes so now I can mount in peace.
  • Just imagine, had I had the $$$ I might have paid Garmin hundreds of dollars for the exact functionality.
  • It adds a whole new dimension to unicycle riding and practice (as if there aren't enough already)