GP Unicycles...

A new brand of quality unicycles will soon be available to Aussies and possibly also available for export later on:
GP Unicycles.

Gary Land, co-owner of The Gap Bike Shop is now going to manufacture some quality unicycles. I’m excited! He just got back fom a bike show and has found some parts for his new line. Here are the specs (no names have been thought of yet, so I just called them ‘standard’ and ‘pro’ for now):

24" Standard
Hub and Cranks - 48 spline chromoly, hollow cranks, available in 170mm or 145mm
Rim - Alex DX-32 24"
Tyre - Nokian Gazzaloddi 24" x 3" (or possibly Intense or GT 3")
Pedals - Customer’s choice
Seat - GP Velo
Frame - GP 24" frame with machined bearing holders

24" Pro
Same as the Standard but with Profile hub and cranks.

20" Standard
Hub and Cranks - 48 spline chromoly, hollow cranks, available in 140mm or 145mm
Rim - Alex DX-32 20"
Tyre - Intense, GT, or Maxxis (not sure yet)
Pedals - Customer’s choice
Seat - GP Velo
Frame - GP 20" frame with machined bearing holders

20" Pro
Same as the Standard but with Profile hub and cranks.

Impossible or BC wheels (definately), and possibly 8’ Giraffes. I’m really looking forward to getting an 8’ giraffe :). These two items will be available by request.

Note *All of these unicycles will be sold on request. By this I mean you can order them and they’ll take about 2 weeks to be built. If you want, you can choose a different tyre or pedals.
*All prices are approximate and I’ll give an update when they’re confirmed. These unicycles will be a cheaper alternative to quality unicycles for Australians and possibly New Zealanders and so on (there is the possibility of export (not that I really know what that means)).
*For any of these 4 unicycles, you’ll be able to choose your powder coating colour

24" Standard - $1100
24" Pro - $1500
20" Standard - $1100
20" Pro - $1500

Separate Frames
Frames will be available for purchase separately for approximately $500 within a few weeks.

Due Date for Unicycles
The above 4 unicycles will be available in approximately 3 months.

Please PM or email me if you’re at all interested in purchasing one of these unicycles any time in the future (just to get an idea of demand, absolutely no obligation, etc.) or you can contact the bike shop and speak directly to Gary:

The Gap Bike Shop (new website will be up soon)
The Gap, Brisbane, Qld.
Ph. (07) 3300 3098

You can also ask me any questions about the unicycles which I will forward on to Gary or answer myself if I can.


If you throw them into the wind do they curve around and come back to you?

Why don’t you buy one and find out for yourself? :wink:

Re: GP Unicycles…

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003 05:43:29 -0600, andrew_carter
<> wrote:

>Hub and Cranks - 48 spline chromoly, hollow cranks, available in 170mm
>or 145mm

Specs look good. But 170 mm cranks on a 20" wheel?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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Hee hee I do have some 'rangs I bought in the Perth airport. I haven’t thrown them for a while, but it was fun. I’m not sure it would be cost-effective to import a uni just to see if it comes back.

You got me Andrew. I’ll be working by then and I may get one after all. Did you get to read Samuel’s KH24" in Unicycle Reviews section Andrew. Probably I’ll give you a pm when I’m ready, unless you beat me to it. Thank’s for that and I got the address and website address for that. Cheers.


Is 170 mm cranks on the 20" a mistake?
I would be interested in one … but ive already spent my life savings on my kh24.
That said, I am working these hols so will have a fair bit of cash to spend :slight_smile:
Will the frame be the sam design as your custom or something like Gabes? gabe has a pretty awesome design…

You must have read the post before I edited it. It’s now corrected.

The frame will be similar to mine but slightly different. Yes, Gabe’s frame is beautiful.

Cool. I’ll keep you and everyone up to date with the progress and post some pictures as soon as the first one’s built.

Thanks everyone,

By the way Andrew. Great Name for a Unicycle. “GP Unicycles”
And I’ll bet there will be Nick-Names for these Uni’s to come.


my questions is, 145 profiles on a normal 20" unicycle? what’s the flippin point. I dont know about you, but I’v not doing 4’ + drops on something that doesnt have a decent sized tire, and by golly I’v never seen one for a stock 20" rim. if it’s made for freestyle rather than trials it really shouldnt have any longer than 125’s.

But the stock rim on the Standard 20" is an AlexDX32, which, if it’s made anything like its 24" sibling, I would feel most comfortable dropping 4’+ on.

You’re certainly right about the tire, though. I’m pretty sure something bigger would make things a little more comfortable.


im not saying it wouldnt hold up, im saying I really wouldnt want to.

Re: GP Unicycles…

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003 02:14:54 -0600, andrew_carter
<> wrote:

>You must have read the post before I edited it. It’s now corrected.

I read your post on the newsgroup (not on the forum but on Usenet) and
it seems the edit never got through there. Something to be aware of
for the folks who make a habit of editing their forum posts. Remember
the saying Do It Right The First Time. (No criticism.)

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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I’ll tell Gary you like the name. He just wanted something that be easy to make logos for.

I don’t know much about trials wheels. I’ll pass on your suggestion, but he was thinking that it’s be best this way because the rider could find new tyres more easily. The Onza has a 20" x 2.5" doesn’t it? I thought most people liked the Onza. It seems pretty damn big to me. What’s wrong with 145mm on 2 20"? Is that too big? Is 140mm a good size? The tyre wouldn’t be a Max Daddy or anything like that…it’s be the same size as the tyre on the Onza. Thanks for the suggestions.


Re: GP Unicycles…

Is it a 20" or a 19" Alex?


The same as the Onza. According to

The Onza has an, “Onza 20- x 2.5” tyre"
The KH20 Pro has a, “Monty Rim and 20 x 2.5” tyre"

Is that wrong? Apparently a lot of the top trials riders prefer a 20" because it’s a lot lighter (less rubber).


Re: GP Unicycles…

The Onza tire fits onto the 19" Alex Rim. Not the normal 20" rim.


Thanks for clarifying that. So is there such a thing as a 19" tyre? Looks like I’m going to have to make a modification to the specs. of the GP trials unicycles.


Is this right?

Alex DX-32 19" rim
Onza (or another brand of the same size) 20" x 2.5" tyre


I’m pretty sure that both the Alex DX32 and the Onza rims will accept the Monty 20" and the Onza 20" tyres.

19" rims have a 19" diameter - smaller than normal 20" rims to accomodate the large 2.5" tyre. The tyres say 20" on them because this is the (approx) outside diameter.

BTW the Monty 20x2.5" also has the size 68-387 on the sidewall. This refers to the with being 68mm and I forget what the 387 means.

Which hub/crankset do the Standard model GP unicycles have? Is it the one used in the KH unis or something different? If different it will be available separately and will parts be available?