Gotta Sell my Uni

I regret having to sell my uni but school/financial obligations must come first. If any of you are interested this is an awesome deal! I have a custom outfitted Summit 20" unicycle w/ specs as follows:

This Uni is in Great condition w/ “alexrims” double wall rim, viscount saddle, 2.50" LUNA tire and custom mounted Magura hydraulic brakes. This unicycle is amazing, the 2.5" tire and hydraulic breaks work like a dream for offroad/onroad downhill riding and trials. The MSRP on this sucker is $500 w/o the hydraulic brakes. It is an excellent unicycle for enthusiasts or beginners (its indestructible). Owned and operated by a Bike Shop Mechanic (me ), email me with any questions or for more pictures at :sunglasses:


I dont mean to flame you or anything, but… I got my Summit for $250 with a kh seat. A magura set up is only worth about $160 or so. I dont think you are going to get any offers at your price.


Generally I’ve found that it’s courteous to say such things through pm and not in the thread.

Also he said MSRP is $500. Who knows what he is selling it for. :slight_smile:

Am i right to assume that the other end of the incredibly long hydraulic line is connected to a hand held brake lever?

Also, how did you go about getting the brake posts on there, are they bolted, brazed, welded or what?

Can you get an angle shot? Can’t see too much from that angle.

i just bought a summit for a steal on ebay because every one was waiting for one that ended 2 days later and had a better seat and came with a movie. i was the only bidder.

Actually you got a lucky deal. I know there was at least one other bidder on that Summit, but his sniper server did not get his bid in (claiming a “network traffic” problem).