got two right sided cranks on my new kh 20

like i said i got two right sided cranks on my kh uni so i habve to use two different pedals on it.

Talk to whoever you bought it from about it.

Definately get the left crank arm as soon as possible. Riding with a right side crank arm in place of the proper crank will most likely cause the pedal to loosen and possibly screw up the threads on both the pedal and crank arm :astonished:

I think that’s why he said he’s using two different pedals.

so your looking for somone with a kh with two lefts now right?

I want to know who he got it from

Yeah two right pedals from different sets. Meaning the right pedal on the left side will loosen and cause damage.

C’mon…I think you do know. That’s a “signature move”…

I agree with Tomblackwood. a certain well known unicycle distributor has done this many times before
just call up unicycledotcom, 1-800-UNICYCLE, and tell them your problem. they might have you send the uni back, or they might send you a new crank arm. act really angry/upset about it and they might throw in a free t-shirt. (: just kidding, that would be mean. but yes, you should call them. unicycledotcom is horrible at getting the orders right the first time, but they’re excellent at fixing their mistakes.

that’s why I do my orders through my local bike shop. The 20% discount is just a plus :smiley:

Where do you think they order their stuff from?

From KH cycles. I could be wrong, but the crank mix-up most likely happened at the factory, or wherever the cycles are boxed up. If it was ordered with custom cranks, or if the cranks are added later, this mistake happened at the distributor or reseller.

In any case, good luck in your search for a unicycle vendor who will never make mistakes! If it was, they will most likely ship you 1 left crank and let you keep the “spare.”

Bedford comes to mind here.

true but how unfortunate as a costomer testimonial…the waiting time for these mistakes is the worst part, no refunds on time.

Jombo recently took his uni to the LBS for an upgrade and tune-up. He ended up with 2 left cranks. Is there a trend here? Sounds like a conspiracy.:wink: The LBS made good on their screw-up. Now Jombo has a spare left crank.

I totally agree this is not a retailer fault. The problem is with the unicycle at the factory end. It is also a fault that has not been reported before. We are now aware of it and we will be adding it to the check list of other things that we already check on each of the unicycles that go out.

The best solution for this problem or any other similar is to contact the retailer about it first, they then know about the problem and can rectify it as quickly as possible.


just so everybody knows i had to get it from because it was out of stock in the good ol’ U S of A. i cant contact them by phone because no matter how hard i try it always says that “this phone number is not correct” i even tried using a phone card. so i gues im emailing them today hopefully i might end up with a spair right crank. anywho how hard is it to get the cranks on straight? i mean on cotterless cranks there’s only four possible positions for the crank to go. on a 36 spline hub is there 36 possible positions? or does it not work like that? would it be much easier to take it to my LBS seeing as im not an extremely adept mechanic? thanks for all your help everyone.

p.s. what does tacoed mean?

It’s easy to get the cranks on straight even with 36 or 48 little splines. You can eyeball it up to see if it’s straight when you put the cranks on. Nothing tricky.

The hard part though can be getting the cranks off the first time. The KH cranks have an integrated crank puller that pulls off the crank as you undo the crank bolt. But that still doesn’t guarantee an easy removal. If you have a difficult time getting the crank to come off then you might need to take it to a bike shop where they can do it. When you put the new crank on put some anti-seize on the splines to make the crank easier to get off the next time (and to prevent rust and possible creaking noises).

Taco is a term for a bent up wheel. When a wheel gets knocked on the side really good it can end up in the shape of a Pringles potato chip or in extreme cases a taco shell. Hence the term taco.

Just to clarify, anti-sieze is like a silvery paste that you put on with a brush, right?

Yup. It’s a fancy type of grease that you can get at an auto parts store. Anti-seize can be coper colored or silver colored. It depends on what type of metal flakes they mix in with the grease.


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