Got the freemounting blues!

Re learning how to free mount

I learned to ride in college and could free mount routinely.

Well now I’m 54 and I took up riding after a 30 year break. Guess what–the hardest thing was to relearn to freemount! I couldn’t imagine how I had ever done it.

I knew the idea was to start with the pedals at 3 and 9 o’clock, with seat in place. No pressure on the rear pedal, and a sense of jumping up, pedals barely moving, and then leaning forward and riding off.

Well after a few weeks of practice, it came back to me.

Here are are few ideas that helped me:

I didn’t try more than about 6 or 7 attempts per day. No kidding. I think that helps the brain figure things out.

In my case, my right foot is on the nearer pedal and my left foot is on the ground. I must remind myself to bend the left knee before I hop.

In this ready position, I lean over so I have a sense my head is over the axle of the wheel. The goal of hopping is to bring my body into alignment with the axle and my head.

The goal of the hop is to get both feet planted on the pedals – with little weight on the seat! I let myself ride for about 1/2 to 2 turns with my weight on the pedals, and off the seat, to establish my balance. (I practiced riding up off the seat until I felt I could could control the unicycle that way.)

In retrospect, I had to figure out a learning strategy. Lots of little steps. I can free mount routinely now.

Keep at it–figure out a strategy. You’ll get it.

get pedles to 10 4 postion pedal back on ten then as 4 is flin up to hitu in the shin catch it wuith your foot and pedal forward

Re: Got the freemounting blues!

dogbowl Wrote:
> On a good day, I can freemount one out of 4 times. On a crappy day (and
> sadly, this is more typical) I can freemount one out of fifteen times.
> If unicycling were the fourth grade, I would be that kid who keeps
> getting left back, reason: Failing the subject of freemounting. Again
> and again.
> I mean, once I’m up and going, I ride really well. I just always need a
> fence or a stop sign, and frankly, it is a real drag to always need a
> prop to get going.
> I’ve researched this problem endlessly–I checked out lots of web pages
> on the subject, and other unicyclists have personally showed me how its
> done. I get up on the thing, pedals at three and nine, then I tip over
> to the right before I can get going.
> I CAN do it, I’ve done it many times, it’s just that I am way
> inconsistent, and most of the time, it’s a flop. It’s like having a car
> that works fine, except for the starter moter, which works only
> sometimes.
> I admit I’m a slow learner, I’m 44, 6’3" and I ride a 26 inch nimbus
> muni with a 3 inch wide tire. I sent away for a 24 inch “Gravity” (sort
> of like a Sun) unicycle to practice on, but freemounting on that seemed
> just as difficult–and besides, my daughter is having a blast on it, so
> I let her have it.
> Funny thing–when I get going via a decent freemount, I ride much, much
> better than with a fence or stopsign mount.
> Question:
> Has anyone out there ever found themselves with the freemounting
> blues?
> You know, being able to ride the unicycle, but taking forever to get
> freemounting right? How long did it take you to get over it?

> I look forward to the day when freemounting is as effortless as hopping
> on a bike.
> Cheers, (but actually bummed…)
> Dogbowl (Steve)
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> a cigar at the same time. Is that too much to ask for?
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Dogbowl1-If you must start from a wall have your finger OFF the wall
at the moment you start off.This precious moment is the same as a
fmount except for pedal placement.
2-Look up and ahead when fmounting,Thats the BEST advice I
recieved when learning.


Ok, so I’m doing something wrong here.

Today I managed a standard mount for the first time (after learning to ride using the rollback, then raising the seat and learning the side mount - so now I can’t do the rollback…).

Thing is, I did it pedals 12 and 6 o’clock. This means when I get up on the seat, I actually do a little rollback before starting, not a “up and forward” all in one movement. Funnily enough, it’s still the easiest mount for me to do, and I only learned it today!

(Wedding tackle gets in the way more than the other mounts though, and should I hold the seat front or back - or at all?)

It’s been a little while since I learned to freemount but I do remember that I had a hard time getting any leverage on the pedals on account they were at 12 and 6 after I mounted. I watched Kris Holm mount on a wall in “One Tired Guy” and he mounted at 3 and 9. I tried it and not too long after that I got it. When I mounted my feet were in a better position to pedal out that when I started at 2 and 8 and subsequently ended up at 12 and 6. My wife is now having the same problem but I cannot convince her to try 3 and 9. I just started mounting with the seat out in front and the pedals at 3 and 9. You absolutely cannot put any weight on the pedals with this mount. I was surprised at how easy I managed to get this one. All I can say is practice, practice, practice.


Easy way to learn to Freemount

When I first learned to ride a uni I would stand on top of a curb and back the uni perpendicular to the curb. Align the peddles so the pressure on the first pedal would roll the uni against the curb harder **. This way the uni holds still while stepping the other foot onto the other pedal. You end up sort of walking onto the uni, easily.

I don’t know if this a common way to learn to mount, but once curb mounting is mastered, it’s an easy transition to loose the curb.

** So the first mounting pedal is at about 7-8 o’clock near the curb. The second pedal to step on would then be 1-2 o’clock away from the curb.

Thanks Everyone for the excellent advice on freemounting! I actually printed out everything everyone wrote and stapled it together–sort of a handbook for the “freemounting-challanged” such as myself!
I am much encouraged, and I am going to try everything! Even if it kills me, I have to tame that wild wheel!
Thanks a billion!
Steve (Dogbowl)