got nothing to do and u wanna laugh ?

Hey me and my friends amde some realy retarded videos for school so if you got nohting to do u can always go chek em out at : some of them have me unicycling in em but it was whne I totally sucked ! w/e sitll funny

(let us know wut u think ) if u r enlgish u might wanna look at the religion vid… or the otehr ones just ahve retarded scences too

I watched the “religion” one and sorry but it wasn’t funny. I got bored very fast and only watched about a third…

Its cool that your trying to be creative, though.

its probly cauz u dont understand french haha… we dint try to be creative actaully we tried to piss our teachers off witch dint work

and by the way the best parts of all teh vids r usualy the credits or the intro

threadjacking, but along the same lines:
if you’re bored and wanna laugh, check out my website at and watch some of the vids there. we’ve started to get a bunch of our favorite internet clips online [including the universe2 trailer] like ebaums, big-boys, etc, but our main draws are our in-house videos [under the ‘yn jackass’ and ‘ebc savages’ sections]