Got my Vid to work FIRST VID!

Good riding, the one thing I would change, is don’t use the transitions between shots, it makes it look cheesy. The only thing I would use besides a flat cut is the fade. Other than that good vid.

k, ill remember that for my next vid, in well idk lol.

great video, but I do have a few suggestions, try not to do so much in the dark, not so long next time (you can cut/shorten the music just like the video), NO transitions, unless you are going from one kind of riding to another, try to show more than one type of riding to appeal to more people, and uhmm…keep up the insanely fast progression, show up Shaun soon…lol :slight_smile:

p.s. carbon arrows suck…lol :slight_smile:
I like my aluminum ones, and my matthews bow :slight_smile:

nah, jk, I don’t have a problem w/ carbon arrows.

yea well my dad wont let my use my expensive ones, unless im hunting lol stupid huh.

Lol, i dont really have to high of hops, though my next vid, i can get me doing a 7 stair.

Their are no mountains in NE, so there goes my option of Muni.

Trials, i guess i could do some.

I try to work a little everyday on my jumping, i just dont improve much, jsut have to wait for that time when i start growin lol.

i don’t really want to be mean, but it was a six minute video, and you only did like 12 different tricks, and most of them weren’t really clean at all.

i think it’s better than my first vid though:)

ps. try to roll out of your rolling unispins and hickflips

Hey here are my comments for the video:

-Nice job on the double flips, those aren’t easy to get.
-Hickflip up the curb was also nice.
-Get rid of all the effects and transistions. The one where you played the same clip normally, rotated 90, rotated 180, and rotated 270 really wasn’t necessary.
-Cut out the things around the trick (dont make it too short though). By this I mean (for example): in the clip of you doing the double flip, it shows you riding up in slow motion for 2-3 revs before you doubleflip. You could of left it in if you didn’t slow motion it, but when slow motioning it, I would suggest taking out that extra space and maybe just have 1 rev of ride up.
-Pick some better music;) (jk, feel free to pick what you want, this just wasnt my favorite type of music)
-Add some more variety/more different tricks in.

Ha, well besides that, I thought that was really good for a first video. Keep progressing quickly.

I agree, except there are a couple types of transitions that can work.
In Movie Maker there is an ‘Auto Movie’ which makes a cheesy movie… try it and see what it does.
But I use few of the fancy transitions. Fade sometimes for gentle moment.
‘Wipe Narrow Right’ to transition from one section to another, about every 4th cut at most.

I’d also suggest trying to find interesting places to ride/film if you can, such as a park.

Nice riding! Thanks for sharing the video.

I watched the first part and was thinking “Wow, enjoy that lolipop-bearing unicycle while it lasts!” Next thing you know, you were on a newer unicycle. I guess it didn’t last. :slight_smile: