Got My Unicycle Today!

ok i got my unicycle today and i need some help.
so far i can ride forwards about the distance of 5 cars at a moderate speed but i have trouble going traight and going slowly.
I can only mount the unicycle when i have something to suport me. MY method: i put the seat between my legs, put my dominant foot and the first pedal hold onto something and put on my next foot.

can someone help me with the following:
how can i balance in one spot?
how can i mount the unicycle without holding something?
how can i ride in a straight line?
and anyother tips you can give to me

-thanks so much for your help

also can anyone tell me why this isnt as popular a sport as it should be? its the greatest thing ive ever done!

Practice. Your own of way of learning is the best way.

I agree and take a look at

look in basic riding you may find what you need to know

Congratulations on getting your first unicycle.

There’s a definite progression to the skills that you’ve mentioned.

Riding in a straight line comes with practice. Learn to look some distance ahead, rather than at the floor. Relax your shoulders, keep your weight on the saddle (not on the pedals) and aim for a smooth circular pedalling mothion. It will come with time.

Mounting without holding onto something is called “freemounting”. The difficulty with freemounting is not getting up there, but staying up there long enough to get your balance and start riding forwards.

Therefore, you need to be confident riding, and riding at a fairly low speed, even pausing for a moment now and again. If you can pause and restart (without dismounting) then that is part of the skills package you need to be able to learn to freemount.

Then the bit where you stay still on the same spot. This is called “idling”, or “rocking”. What you actually do is move the unicycle forwards and backwards under you, whilst you keep your body in more or less the same place. It’s a skill that takes lots of practice. You need to be confident at freemounting, and confident at riding very slowly, pausing, starting again. You need to find a smooth piece of ground, pump the tyre up hard, and then practise practise practise. Look a long way ahead at a fixed object.

The good thing is that idling leads naturally into riding backwards. the two skills are closely linked.

If you are that way inclined, look up the list of Skills Levels, which are fairly logically arranged in terms of difficulty.

For day to day riding, however, I’d suggest you set your sights to learn the skills in approximately this order:
Ride straight for a reasonable distance.
Turn smoothly.
Stop and dismount neatly. (Unicycle in front.)
Figure eights.
Double back somersault with a half pike.

OK, I lied about the last one.:wink:

Re: Got My Unicycle Today!

WOW! If you you rode that far on your first day you are doing great! It took me three days (and I was trying for at least a couple hours per day) before I could ride that far.

Balancing in one spot: I have been unicycling for over a month now (at least a little bit everyday) and I still cannot idle for more than a few seconds.
Mounting without holding on: I am just getting this. In the last few days actually, I have decided freemounting is my next big goal. I have done it successfully a few times, but I still need a lot of practice to do it everytime.
Ride in a straight line: This just happens. Maybe in a couple days or a couple weeks, I’m sure it depends on the person.
My point: I have only been riding a short time myself and have enjoyed every second of it! (ok, every second except that one really bad fall I took when I was going really fast and not wearing gloves or knee pads, OUCH!). Just enjoy the learning process and know you will get there. You already seem well ahead of the learning curve.

I hear that! I can’t believe everyone does not have a unicycle! I wish to hell I would have had an opportunity to try unicycling years ago! Spread the word, brother, I have already got one friend interested enough that he is ready to buy a uni for himself!

Also, everything Mikefule said in his reply in this thread is right on. You should also do a lot of websearching and you will find many, many good tips for beginners.

Re: Got My Unicycle Today!

A very simple answer: our society demands instant gratification.

You can pick up a badminton raquet, golf club, baseball bat, football, etc. and have a go immediately. You might not be very good, but you can have a go, and have fun. The same goes for 10 pin bowling, flying kites, riding a bicycle (assuming you learned as a child) or even paddling a canoe - almost every sport.

With unicycling, you need to invest time and effort just to be able to ride for 3 metres. To be able to ride in any meaningful way (say a few hundred metres, with controlled turns) takes most people weeks of effort.

Therefore, most people wouldn’t even consider unicycling. It will never become hugely popular because it is not instantly accessible.

The secondary reason is the slight social stigma of it being connected with eccentricity, circus skills and so on in the public perception.

Though I do agree on the instant gratification point, I might be more inclined to argue that it is the unfortunate association with “eccentricity, circus skills and so on in the public perception” that is the primary, not secondary, cause of unicycling not being more popular than it is.
For instance, skateboarding is very popular, at least among younger people (in the states that is, I do not know how popular it is in other locations around the world), and I think it requires a comparable amount of practice to unicycling to do well. Because there are so many skateboarders, good ones too, and so few unicyclists, it seems it must have mostly to do with some weird – negative – association with unicycling in the minds of most people.
Just a thought… What do some other people think?

Actually, I think unicycling is in fact easier than skateboarding - I know I can do some pretty neat things on my uni now, but most people who try a skateboard barely get to grinding things. There are very few people around here who can even grab air as it were at the skate park.

Surely all of them can’t be that lazy :wink:

The difference is that many people perceive unicycling to be more difficult, even bordering on the impossible. Even if these perceptions are wrong, it still prevents people from trying it out with enough effort to get good at it.

I personally find skateboarding more difficult than unicycling, but when people on the street see one wheel instead of four they automatically assume that the one wheel must be more difficult.

It’s a psychological block.

No way. MOst of the comments I get are regarding how difficult it looks, not how eccentric I look. People just believe that since it is hard, they wont be able to do it.
In general I think that people my age (i.e. not young) would consider it a waste of time when they could be cleaning the house or doing something much more worthwhile.
I believe that adults need to play more in order to cope with the increasing stressfulness of life and to avoid that heart attack. I also believe that I’m in a minority.
Ah,if only they knew how much fun it was, what good exercise and so on.

Re: Got My Unicycle Today!

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 22:50:59 -0500, “Hermit” wrote:

>can someone help me with the following:

My page with tips for beginners is at

It includes a tutorial in Word format, and a link to a spreadsheet to
estimate how long it will take you to learn.

Have fun!

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I really never associated unicycling with the circus, until i started riding that is (every second comment i get on the thing is a circus referance?). Personally i don’t really get where that comes from, I’ve been to the circus twice and there were NO unicycles… :thinking:
The only circus unicycle i’ve seen was on tv and i guy rode across a tight rope, which i find much more impressive now that i’ve tried riding a uni :stuck_out_tongue:

Many people thinks unicycling is a impossible skill to learn for the “ordinary” human beeing, and those who actually ride are gifted, talented, has better balance and so on.
When they spot a unicyclist, it’s like the thought of them actually could do the same thing with a bit of practice is as proabable as if you throw an egg off an airplane you’ll hit a baseballbat…
It would never struck their mind!

sorry i barely understood what you just said but yea i know what you mean…people are completely astonished when they see me on my unicycle, makes me look like a complete attention seeker