got my qu-ax hub/ cranks need a frame

ok so i got my new cranks and i need a frame i was looking at the one on the quax one for 20 euros, is this good enough and how much is shipping tothe us, also how do i get the cranks on the hub, do i oil it or just push it


Just get the yuni frame from UDC. It fits well, and is much lighter than the Qu-ax one.

nope that one needs 40 mm bearings, the hub has 42

this is dumb, why are all splined hubs 42 mm bearings but theres no 42 mm frames

hmm. I have a yuni frame on my qu-ax, but mine has a 25.4mm seat post, it seems like it might not be a normal yuni.

kh have 42mm bearing holders

for like a million dollars

just get theyuni frame…and if it doesnt fit then send it back…what have you got to lose except for valuable ridinh time while you sit on your but and try to decide what frame to get.