Got My "New" Unicycle Back From The Shop

So after my boss tried unsuccessfully to weld this for me, he took it to the great Carlisle mechanical welders. If you couldn’t tell, it used to be a BMX. (Before pics)

It was interesting how I brought it home. I was at the local Salvation Army Thrift Store and I picked up a small 20" bike for $5(mainly for the wheels/tires/tubes) I brought it home and got it tuned up then rode to my work place(l+mile). I wasn’t expecting to do this, but when I found that my unicycle was finished and ready to go, I grabbed it and rode home with it on my bike.

I put a brake on it(no comments on that part unless they are contructive;)) and regreased the central housing.

Originally, it was going to be a free wheeling giraffe, although that would be more difficult. Apparently-I never talked with them-the welders knew more about cycling then I supposed, because they de-freewheeled it. I can swap off the wheel if I want that changed.

I practiced with it in my garage. 'Tis not easy! The brake is helpful when mounting. The gear ratio will allow great speeds(!) although it may provide additional difficulties.

Anyone have any ideas for a name?

Not to pretty, but it looks fun to ride…

I think ugly is a good name :roll_eyes:

looks pretty challenging to ride :stuck_out_tongue: nice work

Dude,… :angry: Constructive criticism only. If you have a better method of attaching the brake lever, tell me. I was trying to prevent these kind of comments, although, now that you’ve broached the subject, the ban on such comments is lifted.:wink: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

The very fact that it is “ugly”(which is a non-euphemistic way of saying it has “character”) is why it needs an appropriate name.

that looks fun to ride, for sure. I imagine its really strong as well.

I fail to comprehend.

Call it the Troxelator. I think your chosen seat is from a Troxel, which is the type of unicycle I originally tried to learn to ride on.

Only if you find yourself riding this cycle much, you might replace the seat with something more, uh, comfortable? :slight_smile:

What’s the brake for? Having ridden unicycle for about 20 years before experiencing one with a brake, you certainly don’t need one on a low giraffe, unless you want to experiment with funky tricks.

Are you saying that it is an uncomfortable seat?! How dare you! I paid good money for that seat! It is the result of years of research and the product of the brightest minds from the biggest companies in Canada and the US: DuPont, Kris Holm, Solution ComfortSeat®, Google, La-Z-Boy and Apple, just to name a few! It combines the comfort of La-Z-Boy and Solution ComfortSeat® with the durability of DuPont, the innovativeness of Google with the micro-technology of Apple to produce the greatest seat a unicyclist could dream of!

Actually, it is from my first uni, a Sears. I think it says something about Troxel on it. I’ll have to check again.

Originally it was going to be a free-wheeler; thus the break. But as I was in the process of getting the brake on, I realized that the guys had de-free-wheeled it. But I put it on anyway. It helps when I’m mounting.

Call it Colin.

+1 lol, no idea why!

I think it looks quite cool, unique even. Would it be possible to use a post like this for the break? (along with a better seat too, that one looks… uncomfy to say the least. :D)

Neither do I. :thinking:

No, I don’t think it is possible. The diameter is most likely too large.

I’m hoping that this seat will last. To replace it will be a pain because of the non standard dimensions. It has taken some hefty blows though…

Lol, I have a few things called Colin, a toy monkey, an alien figure, one of the Gerbils. No idea why, I just started naming things Colin.

Troxel makes (made?) tricycles and other bike-like toys for kids below the age of kindergarten. Your seat may have originally been designed for a preschool-sized stingray-type bike. I’d be surprised if that company had actually spent money to design a seat for their crappy unicycles… :slight_smile:

Seeing that the top tube and bottom tube were moved and re-welded in different positions, couldn’t you have just had the top tube, seat tube and seat stays removed, and the down tube re-positioned?

Maybe, but it looks cool this way. It’s probably stronger. I was trying to make it easy.

Yep, it’s a Troxel seat

When I took apart the central housing, I greased it, then put the bearings back in backwards. Fool. Fixed it today.

Okay, so if the break lever looks stupid and out of place, get this: it serves as a great hammer holder. Seriously, I hung a hammer there, maneuvered the uni over to a central beam in the garage, then pounded two nails into the beam. And I just didn’t do it because I could; I actually hung a b*** from those nails.

how about for the name, you go with singleton - a single object (as distinguished from a pair); you have unicycle, a monowheel, and the invention of the uno (single wheeled motorcycle). …or monad - a singular metaphysical entity from which material properties are said to derive (and monad sounds funny :smiley: )

Monad could be the species name for this type of unicycle. I like the ring of ‘Troxelator’, but I have not made up my mind.:slight_smile:

Can you actually ride that thing? My friend made a giraffe that was geared 2.5:1 and noone could ride it lol. You have no control with that gearing. I think this one was pretty tall though.

No, I can’t ride it yet. I have not practiced it for more than an hour though.