Got My New Qu-Ax!

I asked the other half for one of these for Christmas … Looks like it worked, as I had to take her to the Post Office to pick it up yesterday! (It wouldn’t fit through the letterbox for some reason :roll_eyes: )

Apparently the old lady behind the counter asked if it was a skateboard (!?) and when the other half told her it was a unicycle for her boyfriend, she asked “is he a clown?”, to which she replied “nope, he can’t even juggle!”

Had a lot of fun trying to get it into my modified Mini… It has bucket seats and harnesses so no chance of getting it in the back, in fact it’s a pain to get a small and flexible person in the back, never mind a hulking great box… In the end I wedged the mrs in there (no seats or seatbelts) and the uni safely in the front with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not allowed to touch it until Christmas morning now, although I did sneak a peek in the box to make sure all the bits were in there. Those Qu-Ax’s have some really chunky looking parts!

That’s the coolest car ever!! It’s been a long time since I saw an old Mini:) Awesome car!

Thanks a lot! I actually have 2 of them. I’ve restored or been involved in restoring 5 of them now, I’m somewhat of an enthusiast :wink:

I hate to bust your bubble but isn’t the box for a Cross yellow?

You’ll love the muni though. It’s got a 3.0 tire which spells awesome in so many ways.

I’m confused now… The box has two tickboxes on the side, one for “Cross” and one for “Muni”. The “Cross” one is ticked so I guess that’s right as per the description on UDC. Maybe they changed their packaging recently?

What exactly is the difference between cross and muni anyway? I know they’re different riding styles, but the unicycles themselves look the same to the untrained eye. Perhaps someone here can enlighten me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to trying out that massive tire - it’s the main reason I picked this over anything else. I live out in the sticks so it’ll be good to have something I can ride off road, as well as (hopefully) learning to do some tricks on.

The packaging’s probably been changed - the contents can’t lie :smiley:

The Muni comes with a different hub and cromo cranks, frame and brake mounts. The Cross comes with alu cranks.

Just spotted my pic on Qu-Ax’s official Facebook fan page… I’m somewhat famous!