Got my new ONZA 24" Muni

I’ve just got my new Onza delivered to where I work.
I’ve got spanners and a pump in the car so I could ride it straight away. The trouble is that I have to cut down the seat post 'cos I’m a shorty, and I don’t have a hacksaw with me. Boooooo.

Now I’ve got to wait 'til I get home…

I’ll let you all know how I get on later.


Good on you!

When my onza muni came i had to cut about 4 inches off the tube!

There’s nothing like the look of a brand new muni, all shiny with a clean tyre, and no chips/scratches anywhere. It’s a great feeling!

While I was at BJC2005, a guy asked me what uni to get, I spoke to him for a bit and then suggested an onza muni.

Last day of the convention, over he comes with his brand new shiny onza muni, it brought it all back to me…

But, as stated by someone (I can’t remember who!) on this forum,

“No matter how shiny and new, all wheels must be ridden”

or summat like that, summat like that.

Keep us posted and enjoy it!


Awesome! Don’t forget to add it to this thread. Here

Being a total shorty, when my onza came it wasn’t just the seatpost I had to cut down. And by the time we had finished mutilating it, it wasn’t so nice and shiny either. :angry: Still amazing to ride tho.

Holy knobbles, Batman!

That wheel is huge! Goodness knows how big a 26" is.

I too had to chop a load of off the seat post and about 10mm off the frame.

I can’t freemount it yet, but I’ve only been on it for 15 minutes on the pavement. Riding it is weird with those long (165mm) cranks.

I’ll report back later :slight_smile: