Got my new KH-24

It’s almost too pretty…can’t wait to put some scratches on her :wink:

I haven’t really gotten a chance to take it for a spin yet, but I am impressed with the quality. Only time will tell if it’ll hold up as well as my 2003 KH-24. Being on 165’s might take a little time to get used to but it’ll be nice to have a little more speed… I wonder how I feel about it when I gotta go uphill though.

My only real complaint is the pedals which feel cheap and like they were never even packed with grease.

Here’s a pick. I did change out the Duro with an Arrow Racing Wide-Bite I had laying around but had never used. Besides I wanted Jagur to like something on my new uni :wink:

Wow, that is sweet!!! Ought to be an awesome ride.



Looks like a sweet ride. Where in North Carolina are you?

round about’s Charlotte… Alexis, NC to be exact.

Really nice!

I want one…

Starting to think of having breakes on my muni to come…
Is it useful?

Yeehaw!! Thats what im getin next.How much was dat?

Re: Got my new KH-24

alright! its a great tyre too. lighter than a Gazz and has that cool bead overlap for pinch flat protection.

i’ll be showing off my wide byte on a new muni soon too.

Let me say the Duro was a bitch to get off and the Wide-Bite was a bigger bitch to get on. There was a point where I thought I was gonna just have to run on the rim.

Had I not already owned a pair of master-blaster TL-5 tire levers I’d a been screwed.

Zod, why do your munis always look like they can kick my ass? Seriously, I always see them, and I always think “Wow, that could probably kill me!”

Its too blue, needs some more black or other drab colors to feel at home in zod world.

Nice addition to the family though,

Do you ride with your seat at that angle? You should take advantage of your rails and adapter and tilt that back breh.

When I first got my municycle, I titled the seat back and when I converted to air seat, I put extra foam upfront. In both cases, I had to stop because my nuts would rest on the incline and “go to sleep.” I have put hundreds of miles on my uni and can’t figure it out. I must be missing something . . . or have something extra.
I dunno, I just know that I must ride with the seat angled flat like the pic.

i love the kh 24 it is just so awsome

Snap! It’s a lovely Muni. I got a blue mag brake on mine though. (colour coordination’s everything dontcherknow).
Enjoy it as I’m sure you shall. If I had a dig camera I’d post some piccies of a freeride avec scratches…But as I don’t I wont.


Because they can…they’ve kicked mine on numerous occations :wink:

If you ride on steep terrain or long descents then a brake is a must.

That setup would run about $700 after shipping from I work at a bike shop and we’re a dealer so I got it for a good bit less.

I don’t know Dylan…running it slack in the back never made a lot of sense to me. Like the other dude said, it seems like you’d be crushing your buddies the whole ride. I have always run my seat angle near flat. But you’re certainly more of a ride than I am so I’ll try it out and see what I think.

Pure beauty.

I just find by having it back like that you sit more on your butt, even though there might be a little less room up front. Just make sure to pull everything forward as you sit down.

Having the back more parallel to the ground also helps (in my opinion) for seat-in-front moves, as it gives you a nicer area to grab.