Got my new coker 360 radial uni

Got my new 360 radial today and boy does this thing cruise WOW and I got the freemount down after 3 or 4 tries and only had 1 UPD after a few miles and fortunately it was not at full speed but even still it was faster than I could run so I tucked to protect the bare skin and all is well. This thing is great I dont see any diff. between 36 coker and 360 radial besides the tire oh that reminds me it sure feels weird going so fast on a uni that I lean sideways into the turns :smiley:

The only difference is the seat and the tire.

And that the 360 has the UDC super-wide flange CrMO hardened steel hub.

WOW I just put on my new KH air saddle and comfy comfy says the boys

The frame, rim, bearings and seatpost (25.4mm diameter rather than 22.0mm) are different - changed for the better.

So it is the same as a coker other than -
the seat
the seat post
the frame
the rim
the tyre
the axle
the bearings


Congratulations Daytripper63, The 360 is a nice machine. I’m surprised you changed the seat, I like the UDC gel. But then, I’ve never tried an air-seat.

Your making great progress, It was a day or two before I tried free mounting, but after a few tries I was rolling. The momentum of that wheel is wild. Hills scared the heck out me. Eventually I could go up the small ones with the standard 150 cranks. A week later I got 170mm cranks, then I could go up and down hills.

Side topic:

What is different between the rims?

Is the Q higher on the ‘360’ than the ‘big one’ Cokers?

That would be “comfy comfy say the boys”, dear. I know you’re caught up in the moment of excitement around your new saddle, but attention to grammatical detail is always appropriate. Keeping track of singular versus plural is easy. Just think of it as the grammatical equivalent of differentiating between a unicycle and a bicycle. Singular; plural.

One way to “test” your sentence before posting is to reverse it. Examples:

He says such and such.

They say this, that, and the other thing.

If it works when you reverse it, it’s probably correct.


But boys is plural, and why do you care so much about gramer? Do you Unicycle? The reasion I ask is you never post about unicycling, only gramer and spelling.

Yeah it’s plural, so it requires a plural verb, i say, you say, he says, we say, they say. Incidentally on the subject of spelling, grammer. Why is it called the radial? I thought for a minute it might be to do with the tyre ribs, but then it should be called the circumferential surely?

Miss Ayelery, I think I’m in love with you!

Do you also hate seeing the word “quote” being used as a noun? For example:

That is correct. And please don’t call me Shirley.

Ha, Nice one. Airplane fan?

Of course! And speaking of movies, does your “life is pain” avatar phrase by chance come from the movie Motorcycle Diaries?

Back on topic, the 25.4 seat tube on the Radial is a great feature.


i dunno…i just nabed the avatar off some skate board fourm.

I’m glad that we have someone that donates their time to correcting improper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and etcetera. I find it very bothersome when people spell words like “through” as “thru” and use too many acronyms.

Thank you, Miss Ayelery.


Re: Got my new coker 360 radial uni

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 01:58:41 -0500, “Miss Ayelery” wrote:

>One way to “test” your sentence before posting is to reverse it.
>He says such and such.
>They say this, that, and the other thing.

Now what exactly has been reversed in those examples, Miss Celery?

>Miss Ayelery - Mind your Ps and Qs!

And while I’m in question mode: What should be minded (if that is a
word) about them? I could imagine what to mind about ps and qs though,
i.e. that their stem is on the right side (which incidentally is the
left side in the case of ps).

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