Got My Mule!!

I went out today and bought my new Camelback M.U.L.E. I havent had a chance to ride with it yet but let me tell ya, this thing looks pretty spiffy.

Its got new stronger bite valve thats meant to last longer, the fabric is very strong and its Huge without being cumbersome!

The resevoire is 3L for extended rides or outtings and it has a 439 Cu. inch cargo capacity for holdong tubes, tools, pump, and a snack…An d that woudl only fill the main pocket, its got alot of room for your stuff.

All in all i say that if your looking for a great hydration pack then the CamelBack M.U.L.E. is the way to go.

how much was it?

It retails for $129.99 CAD for the M.U.L.E. but i got mine for $85.00 because of my employee discount.

If your looking for something a little cheaper but equally as good, the CamelBack LOBO(2L) retails for $99.00 CAD and has a big cargo capacity aswell.

Looks nice but I have this thing against sucking plastic. There is already too much plastic in our lives (and probably in our bodies as well). Glass bottles strapped to your legs is the way to go!

This is the way to go:

Put some any liquid you want in there!

Here’s Camelback Blowfish (also 3L.) for less:,82858_CamelBak-Blowfish-Hydration-Pack.html

Ah yes…i forgot about the Blowfish. Its also a great pack. A little less room but great for distance rides where you may bot need as may extras as a Muni/Trials rider.

Should of came here.

Its where I go to buy everything I need unicycling or biking wise, and its really cheap, and ships fast.

Keep 2 things in mind…1.those prices are USD and 2. Im in Canada so bordercosts would get me. But thansk for getting the links for me.

I always forget about boarder costs and whatnot :o

I just got back from an hourish long ride…I was just doin some trials in my little corner of town.

I loaded up the M.U.L.E. to full capacity (3L) and it also held: My pump, 2 spare tubes, my tools(3 way socket set, 3 way allen set, tire levers and patch kit), and a bag of dried fruit and nuts. Plus there was still room left over…Lots of room! (Keep in mind that while I did not need or use any of these except the water, i just wanted to see what i could carry:))

Anyways it was very comfy to wear. I holds tight to the back so it doest flop around…It feels like an extension of your body. I love it. Plus i only used about half a liter of water so now i kno how much water to bring when i go for a ride.

I just thought Id bring this back to the top with my post ride review.