Got My Kris Holm Trials Unicycle!

I finally got my Kris Holm Trials Unicycle. I love it, its the smoothest riding unicycle I have ever rode, makes my schwinn 20/24 seem like they ride like junk. I went with the KH 20 inch trials uni. With such a thick tire over my schwinn, it makes doing tricks much easier and I dont fall off of curbs as easily as I did with the schwinn. My one footed skills seem to be alot smoother as well. But yeah, its a nice unicycle. Learned stomach on seat already since I got it yesterday. I also did a 2 foot drop on it.

Congratulations! Sounds like a lot of people are getting new unis this time of year. I just got my first Onza trials yesterday. Yeah the ease of one-footed skills on the KH trials is amazing. The smoothness and steadiness are what hooked me, so I had to get a trials of my own. Good luck with it.


When I finish paying off my KH24 muni, the KH trials is gonna be my next purchase.


Congrats! Sounds like you’ve picked a good one to add to your collection. Glad you will have it for the parade we’re doing on Oct 9 (Houston, PA).

A 2 foot drop! You are moving along fast. Now I want to hear about you hopping UP onto those 2 feet that you dropped. :smiley:

I’ll be intouch early next week with parade details.


I got my KH trials today, I love it. very smooth ride and man that thing can take a drop and just shrug it off. I don’t like all the pins, they are like scary teeth.

Re: Got My Kris Holm Trials Unicycle!

I love it, its the smoothest riding unicycle I have ever rode, makes my schwinn 20/24 seem like they ride like junk.

lol, I recently got my Nimbus trials (well, a little longer ago then recently) and now I can hardly ride my starter uni anymore! :smiley:

Hey I got a nu nimbus trials uni too. its my first but i learned on my friends. Now I Can hop, 180, rolling hop and ride seat ou in front . its so coooool

Only thing about the KH is that it is FAR heavier than my torker, gonna have to get stronger I guess.

Yeah it’s really coooool! lol

i love my kh20, it is awesome, its only 2 weeks old, and already i broke the seatpost and bent the cranks heheh…maybe i loved it a bit much

Doesnt sound like durable equipment to me.
Dont get me wrong … I’ve had my uni for 36yrs.
Never broke anything on it, but one of the cotter pins had to be replaced and I’ve had 5 tires on it now.

Although I’m not doing anything that would comprimise it’s health.

I think everything these days is built for ‘planned obsolence’.

How many of you ‘have to’ carry spare parts …?
(I dont)

Part of it I think is a marketing conspiracy. Some things are built with parts that will fail so the buyer has to buy new parts or a new whater-it-is altogether. Then there are things like digital cameras for instance, that don’t really have replaceable parts so if something goes, you either have to pay half the price of the camera to get it fixed, or buy a new one. What’s benefit is there from a business standpoint to sell a product that wont wear out or need parts or become obsolete? It’s frustrating as hell as a consumer, but that’s just how things work.

Hou guys HAVE to be kidding, right?! Do you think that Kris Holm unicycles are built to break?! You couldn’t do that with a unicycle, because ethier anyone who can do a 3’ drop will break it or only the best riders will break it. There is no middle ground. KH uni’s are some of the strongest on the market. The KH seatpost is rather cheap, but that’s simply because most riders don’t need a good one. I myself still use my 2 year old stock miyata 22.2mm seatpost simply because that’s not something I break, although it’s not like I don’t ride hard (3-9’ drops, 5+ gaps, big rolling hops…) If your cranks are bent, it’s probably because you ethier do tons of big drops, don’t roll out, or (no offense intended) you could simply weigh a lot. Also, there’s no reason to do planned obsolesence in a expert-pro market. Just like high end cameras like the Nikon D-70 aren’t built to break, high end unicycles aren’t built to break. Planned obsolescence is only an effective buisness strategy if you’re: 1) the only vendor on the market, or 2) you’re selling to low standard or ignorant consumers.

If KH unicycles were built to break, then a whole bunch more people would be breaking them, and noone would buy them because of that. Planned obsolescence or breakage isn’t effective if everyone gives your unicycle product bad reviews. DO you ever hear of high-end bikes being designed to break after a certain amount of time? Why would a company like profile put lifetime warranties on their products if they were planned to break after a set amount of riding?

It’s downright ignorant to accuse any of the pro-level unicycle manufacturers of today (KH, Onza, Profile, Hunter, DM… ) of making products meant to break.

So please, all you conspiracy theorists out there, not here. In industries such as CD players and consumer cameras, it’s often true, but not in the high end unicycle market. Unicycling is an industry that is too small and demands too much quality to be successful to embark on such decietful marketing practices as planned obsolescence. To quote (or paraphrase) John Foss, “You’re barking up the wrong industry.”

haha, sorry, i should have said that it was just a tangent. I definitely don’t think anyone making unicycles is making them to break so you have to buy more or buy parts. That’s silly, especially when you got things like the Profile hub and crank set with a lifetime warrenty. That’s solid.

I was merely replying to DigitalDave’s comment on planned obsolecence.

gerblefranklin regulates!

unicyclistjoe: how did you break your KH20? what were you doing? how bad is it?

just doin my normal riding…first off i snapped the part of the seatpost where the bolts screw into…the 2nd time ive done that now…and then i bent the cranks doing a 6ft ish drop. (similar to the pic below) but are going to refund my moving hub…so i shall upgrade to a profile hub and crank, but keep the kh frame coz it is nice


that is a dope pic man. you should start up a gallery

i do have one…check the link in my sig. thats quite old though, nothing really impressive. i want to start a new one but the gallery wont let me log in :frowning: