got my kh24 today...

Well i went and picked up my KH Freeride today from here in georgia. I got it home and tightened up all the lose bolts and what not, and chopped my seat post down. i had to take about 5 or so inches off…

My impressions of riding in my yard. Definetly faster than my KH20 with 127s…rolls over the grass real easily…went up my driveway, somthing that i could never seem to do on the 20inch…i guess the 170mm cranks on the kh24 really help out.

Next i took it to the trails…and all i can say is wow, its a lot more fun than riding on the 20. I had alot less UPD’s…all those little roots and what not that i had to be careful of on the 20 i no longer have to worry about, the 24 seems to roll over everything :slight_smile:

I’m loving it so far. its all about momentum on this thing, if i keep up the speed going into a hill i can usually make it up most stuff…it was a very enjoyable ride. I am pleased with the purchase. And now i have 2 pretty blue unicycles hanging on the wall of my garage.

Thanks for the help with making my decision everyone… I would definetly recomend the 165mm cranks…they seem to definetly compliment the 24 well.

Thanks again.


i’ve got a 24" with 170’s and its great for uphills

hope you have fun on your new uni!

good on ya mate, its a great uni isnt it?! be sure to give it a true beating like it deserves, no point in being soft on such a rugged beast!

nice Im getting one in2-3 days

Congratulations on the New unicycle!