Got my KH24! :-D

OMG, I just had the biggest thrill of my life! I feel like a kid who just got the best toy ever. This thing IS a beast!! I dont think I will want a bigger uni anytime soon lol. The wheel I can just barely straddle.

The good news is that if you cut the post all the way down, it just fits me. So if your inseam with shoes on is 28", you just can make it with the 150 cranks and the normal seat, seat post.

The one thing that surprised me is how heavy the uni is for riding, so it takes more muscle to correct it. My control isnt good yet on the new uni. I am uncertain if I could control it for muni well so my trials uni might be a muni where I have to get really good at hopping. At least until I get much better/stronger. I wonder if there are skinnier tires that weigh less that I might like later too?

But I do like the fact there is a post coming out the seat so I can later get handles for it and a brake. I think for now this will be my ultimate cruising machine, the biggest I can handle.

Problems, since my 661 4x4s run wide on me, they kept hitting the knobs on the tire. I’m looking into getting kids race face guards or something similar that are more narrow. I might just wear my s-one knee pads for now. I am going to wait til exams are done to mount. I am not sure if I like the flat seat. The extra fluff seems like extra weight to me. I’m small so extra weight is more to me. I am considering the nimbus gel seat still.

I can ride just 200 meters, only practiced 1/2 hr before it rained. Just being a wus starting out but its so exciting to have a uni that moves!! But man I got a good rush! I feel so fast and huge.

I have to wait another week or so before I will get my hookworm. I could but on a skinny BMX tire though if others think it will help me out for now. I am eager to loose the weight/drag of off road tire for streets.

Wow, I love it! Talk about a happy woman lol. Now I wouldnt recommend this big of uni for someone to start out on unless they were pretty big to begin with. Its a lot of uni for a little person, love it!!

Sweet…you have fun with that!

I donno, the big uni really feels like a beast! Its really a rush. This thing will be mine til I die lol.

And get some 110mm cranks and it will even be faster!
Soon i Will get a KH29er ans build a 26’’ wheel set so i can use it for both!
once i get 600 bucks :roll_eyes:

I’m glad to hear that you fit the KH 24. Have fun.

Hahaha! There is something about the massiveness of it, it really empowers you. Like almost super hero status lol. Well maybe when I get good at it. Geez, I’m gonna really have to practice this daily as it would be awesome to be riding to work with those handle bar things, a backpack and brake. Causing accidents all the way to work from being the mad unicycle rider lol.

So when do I know I"m ready for shorter cranks? I think people said they are harder. I’ll ride it and see if I want a smaller seat for now or if I like it. I think you can adjust this one so I’ll mess with it. I know this is still a small uni but being so small it makes me feel huge and tall and really fast! This was the best purchase ever!!! Kris Holm really does make great unis. Compared to my 16" torker, its been blown away. :smiley:

Heres a pic of my unis. :smiley:

I cant figure out how to tilt the set forward up though. Any help? And for now can I take the tube off the front? I cant sleep because I want to ride it lol.

Hi cbs,

Congratulations on your new unicycle! Switch to short cranks with the new tire and see how it feels. If you don’t like it after a day or two switch back.

Have fun with it. :smiley:

There are two allen bolts under the seat. Loosen the one in the front one revolution and tighten the one in the rear the same amount (one revolution). That will pull the back of the seat down and the front will go up. You can loosen and tighten in smaller or bigger increments depending on how much you need to move it. Always loosen first then tighten the other one the same amount. When you are happy with the angle check that each bolt is tight.

Heya congratulations cbs!

I remember getting my KH24. I’d been getting around on a $6 ebay 24"… man the KH24 was HEAVEN after that thing! :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Yeah, your feelings are exactly the same as my were a week ago (and still are) when I got my KH 24". Unfortunately I have a flat on my wheel and don’t know why. This frustrates me quite a lot because now I can’t let the beast out :frowning:

I’m really glad I went with the KH after I rode it because the weight difference is a lot! But also most is the tire and the slick will help I think, as will getting used to it.

I think people said the short cranks were hard to get used to? So I might wait, also to see if I take to this seat or want to go with a more curved/narrow Nimbus gel. I am not sure yet if I will do surgery on it to make it more narrow in the center and dip in more. Then I might like it perfectly! I dont want to sell it as one day I might like handlebars on it. Not now, I need my arms lol.

But also need to get new knee pads that arent so wide so my legs arent rubbing against the tire. Since I’m small, trying to decide if I’ll get the Race Face knee/shins in the youth L or women’s S. They both start out in the same calf width and my measurements are the lowest in the range. If I find out today I have a full time job, I’ll order short cranks, seat and knees lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I have to wait for my slick tire as I got a good deal on it so that means they are taking their time shipping.

Well, in 2 hrs I’ll be riding, woo-hoo! I really must practice. Even if I cant do the trails for awhile, there are so many paved paths around here and pretty bridges that are perfect for my new uni. I’m gonna be in the best shape of my life when I turn 40 now. And it will take no effort!! :smiley:

Cbs what size are your 4x4’s?

Had the same problem with my 661 4x4’s. I tried putting them on the other leg so the straps went the other way, and haven’t had a problem since.


The actual pad is too wide too. My calf, biggest part is 11.75". The straps are way long. I got a small since the youth were short. I’ll probably get the race face either womens small or youth large. They are narrow/form fitting and seem to protect better. The 4x4s are going to rip quick on my BMX. Also, when I slam on my knees its not a lot of protection. If I slide, that will help and the race face seem more densely padded. I’m just rubbing my legs all over on the tire since the pads are so wide lol. Ill try the s-ones for now til I can order more pads.

Soon I get to ride. :D:D:D:D

I’m curious, is this an 08 I assume? I know the seat is by the bolts.

I love the seatpost as it adjust really well. I will see if I like the seat now.

I found out my knees are whats hitting the tire. So I am not sure if the new pads would make a huge difference. Do I adjust eventually?

I seriously wobble riding it! More like spaz, must get a video as I’m sure its funny.

I think since I’m used to the 137 cranks, the 150s are harder. SHould I put my 137s on and get 127s for my 19"? I think 127s on the 24 will be hard right now.

When I switch to the 127s, I dont need a new seatpost do I? I think it can go up 2"?

My only real complaint is that its raining now and wouldnt mind riding it some tonight lol. Anyone who is comtemplating a KH24, I certainly recommend it! Not as a starter uni. Better today but not as good as my 19".

I have the CCP-44 Park crank puller. This will work on my cranks? ANd can I use Qu-Ax Lightweight ISIS Cranks on my KH?

The bigger the wheel the more everything slows down. It’s like taking your trials tire and letting alot of air out of it. It takes more effort to turn the unicycle. Give it some time. You’ll get it. Keep it up.

The Qu-Ax cranks will work fine. Not sure if that crank puller is for ISIS or not; once you take out the crank bolts, you’ll be able to see if the disk part of the crank puller (the part that pushes on the axle and pulls the crank off) is the right size or not. It should be bigger than the hole in the cranks. If it’s not, you need a different puller (or do a quick forum search for solutions people have found for using a regular crank puller on ISIS cranks). I have a puller with two interchangeable heads from regular and ISIS cranks; pretty handy.

I’m gonna get good at it eventually!

Are the qu-ax OK? I dont weigh much and wont be doing huge drops. I might get those with the small ones on the small uni at first and the 137 on the 24". I’ll look it up. I’m so tired since next week is exams so not going to do much searching right now. Too tired to buy lol.

Can I take off that tube on the saddle? I dont need it right now.