Got My Coker

I ordered it on Monday from the Unicycle Source & got it Thursday night. All
parts were there! No rust spots! Decals were straight! I got it from the
Unicycle Source & am extremely pleased!! Thanks John!

I was able to “mount the beast” (no flames please, just a figure of speech)
after a couple of tries. I found that free mounting it is easier than holding on
to a wall. You just have to put all you’ve got onto the initial pedal & you’ll
pop right up. Although I was hesitant on pushing too hard… for fear that I
would catapult myself into the neighbor’s yard!! Once up, I didn’t get off of it
until about 30 minutes later! No problems at all. It was a little odd getting
used to the weight of the wheel. It’s heavy, but once you get going, It’s like
putting yourself on “autopilot” or “cruise control.”

After a couple of hours, the left crank arm nut came a little loose. So I
tightened both right & left nuts back up & was back in business (thanks John).

I might not be lurking in here too much now that I have my Coker.

I can’t say enough great things about it!!


. -|- @ <— the big one.