Got My Coker!

Fellow Unicyclists:

I received my Coker the other day from the Unicycle Source and I can’t say
enough good things about the courtesy and service provided by these folks.
Thanks John and Amy!

Anyway, about the Coker, this thing is huge! The wheel size is absolutely
appalling. By looking at it, it just doesn’t seem possible to ride. But it is
and it is FAST. I was surprised that I was able to mount it (with assistance)
on my first try and then proceeded to ride a full lap around my neighborhood
(1/2 mile).

Now for the bad side: The quality is not that great. The rim had rust on it
right out of the box. There is weld spatter on the fork (feels like little
specks of metal). The decals are applied crookedly. I was able to polish up the
rim, by it still has some small dots of rust and a few scratches.

Even with these flaws, I am very pleased with the unicycle overall. Now I just
need to learn how to freemount the beast and I’ll be ready to leave my
rollerblading friends in the dust!