Got my BC Wheel today! (and it broke.)

Well, I made it about 20 or 30 inches on my best in the half an hour before it broke.
Thanks to Darchibald and Hell on Wheel for the parts, (and PDC for keeping them).

It’s Darchi’s plates with a 20" X1.85 tire on a 26-spoke rim with an 8mm hub I had lying around.
After about half an hourthe alxe had bent so much that the plates were hitting the spokes. I thought it would last a bit longer, since I’ve only been mounting very gently, with most of my weight being supported by the fence onto which I was clutching for dear life.
As well, time for a diet and a new axle/hub. I understand 13mm BMX hubs are recommended?

14mm axles are the best. Get a 24 in next time. (Much fatser and rolls longer). Anyway sorry to hear about the total bummer.

Eh, no big deal. I only had abotu half an hour of spare time today anyway.

I’ve got a 20 inch wheel and a 26". I could put the new axle on either. Which is better for beginners? I know Evan swears by the 26", but I’m not interested in doing the stuff or speeds he does on it. I figured the 20"s would be better for beginners, since I’ve never heard of anyone other than Evan using anything other than 20". Opinons would be appreciated about this.

its a 14mm axle, not 13.
And yes, they are very much stronger.

i like my 20", given i’ve never really ridden anything else.
I think i’ll try a 24"…

Bigger wheels are less wobbly, but they are, as I said, big. I don’t like them as much because I can’t really carry them around and I’d probably get in trouble for bringing a bigger wheel to school.

They are probably easier to learn on, though.


24s pwn the crap out of 20s unless its hopping, even still if you pop a fireball on a 24 itl shoot up any obstical you want. also you can lock 24" wheels better for 180s on slants.

I ride a 24" too now (I traded Evan for my old 20") I like it more for everything but when I tuck for high hops I hit myself in the butt more. A 20" might be easier for learning on because when you skatemount you dont have to get yourself up as high. If you are doing just general riding around there isn’t much difference, the 24" does go faster though.