Got muni, what pads does everybody recommend?

I have the previous model of KH leg armor. I got them large because I have fat calves. I found them to be a bit bulky but they saved my shins when I practiced 180 unispins and saved my knees multiple times riding muni. I wanted to try out a smaller size of the new model but it’s been sold out in the US store until recently. I ended up getting Demon Hyper X Knee/Shin. They use d30 pads which get hard on impact but are otherwise fairly soft. I found these to be fairly warm but comfortable. I don’t have the bulky feeling I get with my old KH pads (especially the elbow pads which I also got). I got them medium and they are very tight on my fat calves. I haven’t fallen knee down on large rocks or cattle gates as I have done with the KH leg armor.

Those pads are more than I want to spend.

How does the latest version of KH vs. the more recent 661s compare?

  • if I remember correctly the KH has a bit more knee padding than before and better shin padding than 661. IMO KH is worth the extra $

I take it you’re a beginner? If so I’d put on a Maxis Hookworm if u can find it (I don’t think any other smooth tire that will fit that 65mm rim other than cruiser tires, which usually have too soft sidewalls) or a Berm Master until u can consistently ride off curbs, circles w/in a parking space to the L & R, and hop a few times.

Yeah u don’t really need shin pads w/plastic pedals (JC PCs are popular) or remove the pins from metal pedals, but it hurts a bit more than plastic.

Back of the leg protection is good so something like Vegie Wraps, if u think u wont land on your knees. I decided to play it safe and got 661 4X4’s. I wanted more knee padding so I sowed in some volleyball knee pads. KH Purcusion pads are cooler, a tad faster to put on, and have padding if u hit your knee on the frame (the 4X4’s don’t but never a problem for me). Also 4x4’s tend to slide down exposing the knee so I’d go up a size if u get them (I sowed in exta elastic to the straps for my super skinny shins).

I also got Fox Launch forearm-elbow pads. Comfortable, great protection, and not too hot.

661 Bomber Pro shorts but the smallest size is way too big for my skinny but (5’10", 160 lbs, 30" waist) so I sowed parts together and added 2" uppolstery foam for more padding and take up space).

Hill Billy fingerless gloves work great but fit for my Med is a size too big. I’ve had KH gloves but the padding wasn’t enough for me, now they have more.

Now I can tumble down the trail repeatedly just like I did when I was skiing.

Not exactly, I am probably intermediate. I am looking at different pads because I am learning some tricks like 180/360 unispins and my Lizard skins bother the back of my knee. I also like protection for muni in case I hit my knee on a rock/tree etc.

It seems people either use 661s or KH and was wondering what the differences are.

What does the tire have to do with anything?

I haven’t been impressed with the 661 rampages that I have as they don’t protect the back of the legs very well and they are a real pain to put on. I don’t know if KH percussion are better, but I really doubt they are worse.

Cool. I’ll try the percussions and report back.

Rampage is 4x4’s replacement, still slide down but not as bad, same # of straps, and better shin cooling/less padding.

Still I’d get KH.

By your first statements u sounded like this was your first uni. If so I’d be nice to not wear out your nobby learning to ride wich you’re well past.

Some like to use a Muni for street so a smoothish tire would be good. I think the narrowest tire that can go on that rim is 2.5" and the hookworm is out of production, although u may still find one somewhere. I don’t know of any other good tires that fit the 65mm rim.

I use the Fox Launch Knee/Shin guards and recommend them- they have saved my knees and shins countless times. Also wear same brand elbow guards, TSG Pro wrist guards, Volt active ankle guards, protective eyewear, and a helmet. I think the next step for me might be to wear a bubble wrap suit…

body armor

I have a friend at work who decided to learn to unicycle after seeing me and another guy riding in the parking lot. I loaned him my 20", he took it home and fell off a bunch of times. So he went online and ordered a suit of this:

(This stuff has been discussed on this forum before, I was the one who sent him the link.) Not cheap, 350 euros (I think it’s more than that with the exchange rate) for the full suit (which he got). So now he looks like batman, and says it doesn’t hurt at all when he falls (which he still does, frequently). (I have this urge to go at him with a baseball bat, just to see…) He doesn’t even have his own unicycle yet!
So that’s sort of the other end of the spectrum. I normally wear knee pads and wrist guards. Add a helmet if I’m going out into traffic. I can live with a few scrapes and bruises. “Battle scars”…

So I ordered the KH.

Now, another pad question. I decided to wear knee pads on my commute with my 36, given I often go at speeds a bit faster than I am able to run out. I am now using my Eight Ball knee pads, but am looking for something lower profile and cooler. I don’t want shin protection for commuting, so I don’t think I want to wear the KH Percussions–that’s for tricks and muni.

On an older thread I found these:, but I can’t even get in touch with now and can’t seem to order them online.

Any advice on cooler, lower-profile knee pads for this purpose?

I use black diamond knee pads for riding on the road. They are designed for snowboarding I think.

I’ve only had one ground fall with these and they worked well- slid on the pavement and didn’t slide down off my knee. This was a low-velocity fall, but I imagine they would have done well at higher speeds. The padding is relatively minimal but the hard shell does a good job of distributing impact force over a wider area of the knee.

OK, got the KH Percussions today in the mail. Put them on and worked on my 180 jump mounts.

They are hot, but they offer a lot of protection. I slammed the back of my leg with the studded pedals and had no problem.

I seem to have a problem with straps bothering the back of my right, knee behind the knee. They seem to chafe. I had this problem with the lizard skins, and seem to be having a problem with the KH leg armor too. It happens most with muni, where I am pedaling a lot, esp, with longer cranks.

Does anybody else have this problem? I also wonder why it’s always behind my right knee. It gets so bad the back of my right knee bleed. I make sure the straps are flat and all. What’s up with this?

Holiday shopping season is revving up and I’m thinking about taking a more active attitude toward protection, maybe even attempting to do some more aggressive riding. What are y’all folks liking in this department these days?

(And if there’s a better more comprehensive mothership thread, please point me there. Most of the discussions I found were about one person’s request for advice and have gotten fairly-to-quite stale by now.)

I went with Kali Protectives Aazis (180 for full leg, matching elbow pads), mainly for the large diameter of the elbow pads. My forearms are fairly large, and they had the largest advertised forearm dimensions. When I actually got them, they were generous to almost loose at the lower cuff. On their web site, the current patterns are a bit … bold. Checking the web, it seems backcountry still has the plain colors. They’re pretty comfortable, but they are hot or warm depending the temps.

For better or worse, I’ve never really put them to the test. I’ve generally fallen, gotten scraped, bought a pad, and then choosen a new part of my anatomy to injure/protect.

I was looking for knee protection that wouldn’t be too bulky and came across the G-Form pads. I was lucky to get a good discount in a roller-skate shop (the guy put the wrong price tag!) on a pair of yellow ones and I love them.

I tried a pair of Percussions from KH and can’t quite manage to like them. Too bulky and stiff for me.

I wear G-forms regularly, and they are very comfortable for long rides, but caution – a hard hit in the right place will still hurt! They don’t have quite as much protection as the hard-shell pads.

Cool! Thanks for that. Kali wasn’t even on the my map. I’ll take a look.

Very good to know. I had you down as a KH wearer based on some replies from a year or two back. G-Forms seem pretty easy to find.

OK, thanks, making a note of that. It’s still more than what I’m using now, ie nothing, so evidently I’m willing to trade off comfort most of the time against risk of greater pain at the time when things go wrong. It’s a matter of finding a good balance point.

Anyone else care to chime in? I’d love to hear more about what people are using and are happy or unhappy with.

I average 1-2 hard falls per ride. It can get very hot where I live (100F+) but I still wear a lot of protection. I like G-Form in general since there’s a nice compromise between protection and comfort. I wore the knee-only pads for a long time but they required constant pulling up and I had falls where they had already slipped down too far or got pulled down even further during the fall. I now wear the new G-Form Knee-Shin combo pads and they stay up really well. I don’t generally need the shin protection but it’s worth it so they don’t slip down. I agree that they don’t offer as much protection as hard shell pads or the KH percussion leg armor, but my knees aren’t usually what suffers the most impact. My elbows have that honor and I also have worn and liked G-Form pads there. However, I’ve been riding rockier trails and have favoring my Demon Skate Elbow X D3O which have a hard shell. They’re not perfect, however. The straps are too stretchy and have to be pulled tight so they don’t slip down or up in a fall. I’d like to try some of the POC armor. I also wear KH pulse gloves which is another product which balances protection and comfort well.

Do you cross the straps?

I have an old set of Fox MTB knee and shin guards (a bit like the SixSixOne). Hard shell on the front with mesh-like structure underneath. Wear them all year long without problem and they are very light/flexible. Can slide down slightly but I now wear volleyball pads underneath to complete the protection on bigger rides (or when it gest colder).

For the arms, I have SixSixOne elbow/forearm pads that I wear only when trying a tricky feature (and want to be ready for a good crash :stuck_out_tongue: ).