Got Milk?

I’m rebirthing my guni and this was step one…

I like it!! :wink:


Mooooo! (Looks good)

Oh, look! It’s a mooohnicycle.

Nice paint work.

Nice. I like it! Where do the horns go?

handlebar horns and hoof shaped pedal covers with a cow moo horn to make it complete.

I like the paint, nice job.


Or a cow bell!:smiley:

This is Killian’s “udder” uni :roll_eyes:

It be-hooves me to cowngratulate you Killian on this work of art. You deserve a pat on the back. I hope when you assemble it everything goes smoothly.:smiley:

Oh the puns. :roll_eyes:

Perhaps you should eat more chicken? :thinking:


“Day after day it reappears.”

Great job, happy riding.

Edit: … or disappears. I replied to an update with lots of pics. Where’d it go?

Finished (for now).

This has been kind of a special build, I learned a lot. The whole reason I revamped this thing was because I was a bit frustrated at how my Schlumpf experience was going. Throughout this build though, I’ve come to love this unicycle dearly.

I tend to be extremely anal, and get frustrated when I make a mistake or screw something up. That happened a lot on this unicycle, and I think I’m finally on the path of being able to let stuff go, which is new for me (and why the Men at Work lyrics on my seat, it’s like Colin Hay was talking directly to me!).

The bottles are an experiment to get weight off of my back. I already bent one of the cages, though it was easy enough to bend back, but we’ll see how long the welds hold.

I rode it today for the first real decent amount of time, and it’s still a bit of a handful. I switched from high tops to low tops, and it makes shifting a bit more interesting; I fell off 3 times :o. But what the hell, that’s part of Schlumpfing right? The handle bar might get flipped too. I want this riding position to work, but my back has other ideas.

I’ve got way more time and effort into this thing than I’d like to admit, but it was definitely a labor of love.

Right now I just want to get proficient enough at shifting to be able to do it in heavy traffic situations so I can ride it to work. My goal for the summer is a century ride over Monte Cristo. We’ll see what happens.

Lots and lots of credit goes to Chet (Fugsworth). He’s the reason I painted my frame, gave me ideas, and was supportive throughout the frustrating parts.





That is pretty damned beautiful. How are you finding the Twin Rail? The White-wall version is wayyyy nicer than the full rubber one!

So far I like it. Smooth, and the volume is nice on chip seal. I need to add some pressure though, I keep it at 50 psi but it’s been a while since I’ve added air and it’s probably closer to 40 now. It felt a bit soft anyway.

Between this uni and my Phatty, I think I might be able to die a happy man. :slight_smile:

That is one sweet looking Uni! A true work of art. The paint job turned out really nice and I think your spots are a little better than my stripes :wink:
Next time we ride you’ll have to give me a demo. :smiley: