Got Last Nimbus Trials 20"

Hey guys,

I’m oober happy because I just got a Nimbus 20" Trials. Evidently, they weren’t out of stock because someone dropped their order. So, I got the last one.


Cool, They are fun unicycles.

why does this need it’s own thread?

I’m too lazy to post it. :0

yay, u got the last one, for now umm this was kinda a pontless thread so lets make it better, lets play the random word game

egg mcmuffin


I got it ordered and accidently said 300mm seat post length. If, I’m 5"2’, will I have to get a bigger one or cut it down?

Probably cut it down…

You’ll definatley want to cut it down.

I’m about 5 foot 4 and ride with a 300mm seat post so it may be fine for you. But if it is too big, just cut it down.

here are some of my pictures
some of them are of my jumps,
one of them is me on my 2nd highest jump

Still 1.jpeg

Still 2.jpeg

Still 4.jpeg

I went unicycling today and my tire fell in a mud pit. Anyways, its all muddied up, so I tried to wash it off with water and a towel but no luck. I have two questions though,

  1. I got some water on my rim and spokes, if water gets on your uni, what parts will rust (obviously the seat will go bad-but what else?)

  2. How do you guys get mud out of a tire?

You know, that could have been me that pulled out the order
I ordered one and was told that they had 3 orders in one day and only had 2 or the Nimbus 20" trials.
They offered me the $400 Quax but i didnt want that 1
So i got the $475 Quax for $340:D
Its a great uni, very strong
when did you order yours?

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