Got durable low-friction material for Ultimate Wheel leg protection??

I’m really enjoying my Ultimate Wheel. I’ve gone through lots of transitions with leg protection, starting with leg armor and working down. At this point, I just use tube socks pulled way up to my knee (with a big hole in the toe), which I pull on over the socks which cover my feet.

However, these socks still cause a bit more drag on the wheel than I’d prefer, and they do wear through because they are fragile cotton.

I’d like to take a sheet of durable low-friction material which I could wrap around my calf, and sew velcro to it. I think this is going to be the ultimate in UW riding gear, and I’m looking for recommendations for what material to use and where to get it.

Thanks for any help!


Would leather work?, It’s strong and pretty smooth so it might work.
I presume you could get some off cuts from a shoe shop where they make shoes, or find a shop that sells it (no idea on those though).

Leather is always an option, but I’m thinking there’s synthetics which are lighter, thinner, sturdier, and smoother.

I just noticed white tire THREADS coming through the SIDES of my UW from the sidewall wear!!!


See if you can get a tub of it or thicker pieces of it and make some leg protection using teflon where the wheel will hit you. If you coated the outsides of the wheel in teflon too then you’d really be going.

Buy some thin flexible “Tupperware” (storage bins) and cut out the pieces that you need.
And Velcro “one wrap” to strap around your calves.


Soccer-style shinguards, worn sideways?

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is good for friction.

Find some at:

This part number: 85655K15 is a UHMWPE film that should cut and wrap well. Adhesives won’t work well so you’ll need some kind of mechanical attachment, rivets, laces, etc.

If you’re familiar with it, could I sew velcro onto it?

If not, I’ll check with the manufacturer.


This problem has been solved. You want chaps! There are lots of options here, including some new synthetics:

Here is a less practical solution:


Cute, but not truly a solution to riding the UW.


I’ve only used it with thick cross sections, none this thin. It is very tough and should hold up to the stitches if you can get the needle in.


OK, so you do not like chaps. I was thinking about them because I am sure I used to own something that would be perfect for your applications. What I was trying to remember was “gaiters”. I used them while cross-country skiing to keep snow out of my boots. I picked up a pair really cheap ($10) at some local store. You can search for gaiters and see what you find. They slip on over your shoes and run to about knee height. Many of them are made of light and slippery synthetic materials, and there is no sewing involved! They are normally fairly light weight and will not act as a hard shield, but the are very low friction and will not catch of the wheel.

Here are some expensive ones from REI:

You can find them starting about $20 on Amazon.

I made some pads using polypropylene. Tough and slippy. Its used in packaging (mine was a tube a kite came in) You can also buy a folder made from it from the stationers ( It’ll sew if you have a good machine or use gaffa tape.

Great thread! It has really got me thinking. Of course, I’ll have to learn how to ride the UW first!

Oddly enough, this is something I might be able to work with, and definitely the cheapest suggestion out there.

It’s not quite as flexible as a tube sock, but definitely workable!!

OK, I see what you mean now. They’d be good if I were riding the 20" UW, but because the 28" hits my leg pretty close to my knee, most of these don’t come up far enough, and rest on the shoe, so they’d drop down.

But I’d definitely consider it when I get a 20" UW!!

The UHMWPE is actually a HARD plastic, more like when armor is needed, and many UW riders may need that, more for beginners. I’m at the point where I only need light protection

Thanks everyone for keeping the ideas coming.

I went to a custom leather shop and he had leg protectors for guys who cut lawns and use the trimmer but still want to wear shorts. So he sell vinyl Velcro leg protection. I bought a pair and they work pretty well. They fit too loose on me so he sewed in a second strip of Velcro.

Areas for improvement:
They were designed to have the Velcro seam in the back, but it works better for ultimate wheel to have the seam in front.

Notice the ugly stains from the wheel rubbing. I’d recommend black vinyl instead any lighter color.

I ride a 28 inch UW which rubs high on my calf. For smaller wheels you could have a shorter leg guard.