Got any 29er stuff for sell???

I am looking for a 29" anything …( frame, wheel, seat, peddles, cranks,)…(I need a whole unicycle but if your not selling any whole unicycles then I can buy a little bit from alot of other people) …And also Some shin guards and wrist protection would be nice too…

Yeah I got this 29er for sale !

haha. thats funny man! :smiley: Are you really selling that thing?

That sounds like some risky business, dude. The way my pads are smellin, i dont think youd take them if I PAYED YOU. :wink:

That is one SERIOUS sailboat. Adrenaline City! Is that a real photo? It looks like quite a handful.

really- about the pads and wrist guards… you can use the search button at the top right of this page to search this forum for ‘shin guards’ or ‘leg armor’ or ‘wrist protection’ or something like that. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of results.

I think the SixSixOne (661) ‘4x4’ leg armor is the most popular, at least in the US. Heres some reviews:

heres another general thread about protection:

Other good options are Kris Holm leg armor and Lizzard skins.

I use the SixSixOne 4x4’s cause theyre cheap and protect the best for the price.

lizzard skins look good and work well for shin protection but dont protect your knee.

KH armor looks good, i think, and probably works very well (since its designed by a unicyclist) but i cant swing that price, personally. sells KH and 661 here:

I picked up my 661’s at Supergo bikes in California when they were on sale ($20). I heard also has them and other pads sometimes. I’d try ebay too…and just search google too for whichever pads you pick.

Sorry i cannot help with the 29er stuff. Thats not really my forte.
lmao, i said forte!:smiley:

Welcome to the forum.

29-er 4 sail

Where R U geographicaly?

No that boat isnt mine and I dont know if its for sale.

This one is mine and its for sale, but only for people in sweden.

Im so sorry for the big threadjack

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Re: 29-er 4 sail

The reason I have asked this question was.
I have 28 or 29 uni I consider being pareted with. It has, obviously new, Nanoproctor tyre…so work out the size of wheel.