Got Andropause?


My energy has been down a lot from just a year ago and I seem to have lost my edge when riding Muni.

Just wondering if anyone on the forum has Andropause and how you’re dealing with it and any success or difficulties you have had with treatment.

PM me if you don’t want to respond publicly.


I don’t know if I have Andropause, but yeah, I’m definitely losing it.

Three years ago at the end of the summer I made a 10 mile hilly charity ride without any dismounts. Last year I hardly made that ride with several dismounts and walking up a hill or 2. This year I forget it, I’m not likely to try it.

It’s confusing because, I remember the first trip back to the park this year after a winter break, I did wonderfully, I rode up those hills on my KH24, even hopped up the steep 15 foot hill best ever. I was rock steady with each hop. Felt like this year is going to be great. That was like 3 months ago. Since then when I go back to the park I’m often shaky and weak. As for my regular hilly Nimbus 36 ride, I’ve made that 2 mile circuit once or twice out of many tries, and am always left totally exhausted. A year or two ago would do a set of the muni hills, and then a lap or two with the Nimbus 36.

If I don’t ride for 4-5 days, I can get out and do well at muni. Still my endurance is about half of what it was last year. 4-5 days without riding, who could live like that?

I’ve been reading a bit on the web, It sounds to me that I have all the symptoms of over exercising. May need to do easier riding for longer periods to build muscle, that I’m over doing it, breaking muscle down faster than it rebuilds. It’s frustrating because I’m doing much less than what I did last year.

So I’m sure that I’ve loss something, expect it’s due to aging. (Also could be stress related, since work has been gruesome for a year, but is improving.)

That site on andropause sure describes my symptoms, I’m just skeptical of anything a drug company po$t.

So my plans to combat this include:

  1. Talk to my doctor about the long recover time from exertion, and reduced performance.

1)Take a stress reduction class. Need to avoid what I went through this last year. (I think these classes are totally bogus, but I need help.)

  1. Riding Plan: Rest at least one day between any riding. Ride more leisurely street Nimbus 36 riding with only small hills (stay aerobic). Limit the intense park stuff (anaerobic) to once a week.

See if things improve.

yes they do: I feel much better! regular riding during the winter kept me as fit I could be … the big difference is in the head: I’ve never been that zen!
I just hope things will continue to improve: doing more distance riding on Coker to improve Muniing . only drawback: I more and more cannot stand sun, heat and summer :frowning:
so are you suffering from summer fatigue?

Thanks wobbling bear, for the encouragement. As for the summer heat, I love the heat. I do get hot, and leads to being tired, but I don’t mind that. I’ve gotten out on cool days and been even more fatigued.

good physical conditon ends to day: i broke my wrist while Cokering on a forest trail :angry:

I see the OP is from Southern Cal. As I get older I find it more difficult to take the heat. I got real hot a couple of years ago, almost completely overheated. Now ever time I start to get real hot, I loose all my gity up and go. I do a good bit of cycling (MTB, Road, and Uni). I like to ride around 4-5 hours when I ride. During the summer, I try to limit my exposure to 3 or less. If I get too hot, it can put me out of comission for riding for 2-5 days. My fitness level is good, I guess I need a better radiator. :roll_eyes:

Oh man, sorry to hear about your wrist, that is terrible news. I hope you recover well.

In the last year or so I’ve put on a stone or more in weight, my stamina has dropped off, and I keep finding excuses not to ride. Does that count?