Got a vintage uni from this guy in a barn. What is it?

Found this place in the sierra mts and have been living here for the last few summers and this guy i knew from last summer has a barn sale. Lots of old vintage items and couple days ago I saw a unicycle outside of it. Went back the next day and got it for $30 with the intention of refurbishing it and using in the circus I am in Humboldt (world famous.)
So the question I got is anyone recognize this style of unicycle by decade? Any advice for searching for replacement parts? While doing some of the rust clean-up I noticed the pedals and seat and very unique and the easiest way to get those parts working would be to seek out new ones. I found similar styles on ebay and most posts dated them to be from the 60s.
The seat though I had no luck finding.

Not sure of the other parts, but the pedals look like a Schwinn to me.

Edit: well maybe not a Schwinn, looks like this one:

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I’m not sure if restoring this makes any sense. Unless your in love with the vintage look you will spend more than it will ever be worth. A modern unicycle with an isis hub will serve you much better especially if you are going to be doing tricks and hopping around.

Could be a fun decoration. I’ll take it for my workshop.
Riding it? Why???

I agree, awesome wall art, poor riding experience.