Got a new job :)

Yes this thread is unicycle related…

I got a position as the Creative Director for a company that does web design, and virtual tours of model homes, etc…

they needed someone with a strong video production background…as well as my resume, I also included a link to the ‘unicycling in manhattan’ youtube clip.

This was on friday…at my interview today, as i was being introduced to the team, two of them said ‘oh, the unicycle guy!’ the second one adding in ‘i hope you can also juggle a lot of projects!’

i start tomorrow :slight_smile:

my work station is a 64 bit quad core PC with 3gb of ram and Adobe Production Studio CS3 :slight_smile:

Sounds cool congrats!:smiley:

Awesome, thats great! Have fun Brian. :slight_smile:

To keep this unicycling related, do you live close enough to be able to unicycle to work?

it’s in a town 125 km’s away…i’m gonna rent a room there during the week, and go home on the weekends until we find a house there (which are MUCH cheaper than in London)

(Chatham, for you Ontarians)

so I will certainly be choosing a room to rent that is the perfect distance away!

Oh, scarily close to Detroit. :astonished: :wink:

Hope there are good muni trails in the area.

Scarily close? We’re a whole country away! Scarily close to Windsor? perhaps…

this sounds promising:

“got a a lot of drops i think about 4 or 5, drops are about 3 to 7 feet , a teeter totter, drop on to a tranny”

I do mostly road riding these days anyways, and save my MUni for North Bay, which is unfortunately now an hour further away

I have a friends from Chattham, what is the name of the company if you don;t mind volunteering it.

Imaginethis Media Studios on Wellington

Well done Brian. You sure are using that Manhattan clip! Sick stuff.

[QUOTE=Brian MacKenzie]
the second one adding in ‘i hope you can also juggle a lot of projects!’


Great, a guy with a sense of humor!!

Congrats! I hope you wil still get to ride, instead of all the juggling you will be doing.


I wish I had all those tools when I was an architect :o !
(well I gave up this trade for better pay :frowning: ).
hope you’ll show well designed houses :smiley: !

Is that a clown remark? :angry: :roll_eyes:

Congratulations. Getting a job in a field that you are both good at and interested in is a good thing. :slight_smile:

WOOOOOW :astonished:
I will buy a quad core this month i think :smiley:

Congratulations! And Good Luck! :wink:

Congrats, Brian.

Congrats on the job Brian, keep up updated on how it goes for you. I’m sure you will be happy with it. :smiley:

(QUOTE Brian MacKenzie)I also included a link to the ‘unicycling in manhattan’ youtube clip.

Congrats, the job sounds like it’s right up your alley.

By the way, you’re YouTube video broke 750,000 views :astonished:
Has any other unicycle video ever hit anywhere near that number?

Congrats Brian.

Will this effect your time commitment to your Canadian Unicycle venture / store?

Is there a bowling alley close by? I know they’re hard to find in the Arctic Circle.