Got a job at a bike shop

Yer not at Piche’s anymore Brian O? Damn, I was hoping maybe you could wrangle some sponsorship out of them for the Great Glen 24hr race :wink:

I’d love to work at an LBS (or a LUS), but it looks like I’ll be back at Wally World this summer… At least they tolerate my unicycling, as long as I’m not in the way of cars :wink:

its so wierd you mention that…i was working on a bianchi today…theyre pretty sweet…the one i was doing the tune up on had carbon fibre forks stem and handle bars it was sweet…and the spoke pattern was unlike any ive ever seen before …it was like raial but not radial…it was wierd.

I do Bicycle repair, sales, wheel biulding, pretty much everything.
with my employee discount, my new KH trials will be $280. everyone else at the bikeshop buys a bike, ride it for a week, then sell it for double what they payed, and buy another bike with that money. So all the people working there own 3 to 4 $5000+ bikes.

We sell Specialized, Trek, & diamondback. but we just have trek and diamondback to compare specialized to, so people go, “wow! I would rather have that 4000 dollar s-works than this trek!”

Those brands didn’t exist and Mountain Bikes were many years off in the future.

My middle of the line 10 speed Bianchi at the time cost me $160.00. It had Campagnolo equipment on it, although, it was their lower end components.

They don’t do sponsorship. They don’t even really do it for the ski racers which is their biggest business. I’m still on very good terms with them however so maybe we could get T-shirts printed by them or something for cheap.

Re: Got a job at a bike shop

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 21:16:51 -0600, Goatman! wrote:

>everyone else
>at the bikeshop buys a bike, ride it for a week, then sell it for
>double what they payed, and buy another bike with that money.

Is the shop owner OK with that? If I were the shop owner, I’d stop the
half price policy or at least somehow limit it.

it is totally fine with the owner. he is the one who started the idea. it doesnt make him lose money whatsoever. if we want a bike, we tell him, and he gets it for the dealer price for us. which is usually half price, or sometimes better.

it’s gotta make him lose money. (well almost certainly) if i want X bike that costs $2500 and i get it from him for even $1500, when someone comes in and asks about said bike, i just sell them mine instead of the store, and boom! i pocket $1000 and the owner gets basically nothing out of it.

my new kh hub and crankset is gonna cost me 150…thats for the hub/cranks and the spokes…i do the build myself. we sell specialized devinci cannondale and kona…its sweet…im the second in command to the head mechanic. i love it there.

someone mentioned LUS, that made me wonder if darren bedford has any employees?? that would be the best job ever!!! but i live to far… yeah my lbs is sweet, when i went in they already knew kris holms and stuff. it was neat. i would love to get a job there, it would beat McDonalds which is where i work now.

excuse my ignorance but wat does LUS stand for ??

i know lbs, but neva heard lus b4

ahahhaa just worked it out, unicycle is the middle word!!! ahahaha
Local Unicycle Shop… oh well, down here in melbourne aus, i havent found one of them :frowning:

How old do you have to be?

one of my lbs’s gots alot of torker unis, a lot!

another place has one sun and doesnt know crap bout uni’ing

I guess it varies place to place but in North Carolina the working age is 15.

I know this is an old thread, but has anyone else had experience working at a bike shop? I might ask about a job at mine.

I know Knoxuni works at his LBS maybe you could pm him

I dont have any specific q’s it just seemed like an informational old thread and wondered if anyone else wants to add

I worked at a bike shop :smiley:
I was super fun if you like cool stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
I ended up quitting when i got a proper job