Got a job at a bike shop

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped into my local bike shop to pick up a pair of primo pedals for my Mountain Uni.

As soon as I walked in the door, I saw a numbus boomerang uni, the kind with the uber fat rim. So I asked the guy at the counter if I could try it. He said it was fine, so I got on and busted some uni-spins.

He asked me if I did any mountain unicycling, because he read an artical in the newspaper about some “crazy people that unicycled a part of the tahoe rim trail”. He was greatly surprised when I told him that I was one of those crazy people, and he immediately offered me a job.

The best part about working at a bike shop, is all the discounts. I can get most stuff HALF price. I also learned how to true and build wheels.

Has anyone else had expirience working at a bike shop?

Wow, congratz!!!

I havent gotten a job at one, but a lot of the times when i go there, if i ask they teach me anything i need to know, and give me extremely great deals on everything ive ever bought, i love them lol

Maybe i should go down there soon and see if the have a position open =p

nice work mate!!

most ppl love crazy unicyclists :stuck_out_tongue:

i mite go down to my local bike shop and ask for a position too hehe that would be a way better job then my job at the supermarket :frowning:

i used to work at a supermarket, bagging groceries. I dont really want to talk about it. One of the worst jobs ever.

ahahahaha so true, but i stocked shelves :frowning:

Stock them while riding a uni =p probably get fired if you do it a lot even after the manager or someone tells you to get off.

I actually almost got fired for riding at the grocery store. I was doing trials stuff, and quite a few people were watching. they said I was taking away the stores buisness. ha ha

its funny you started this thread because recently i also got a job at my lbs through a program at school…i get to go work there half the day everyday and i get credits for it…so i get the employee discount plus theyre teachin me all this neat stuff.

is the program called “work experience” ??

acctually its called Co-op (short for co-operative education) but its probably the same concept…you have to do a certain amount of hours at your place ment and do a good job then you gte your credits.

i have had a job at a bikeshop for about 5 months now
it’s awesome

i’ve been mtbking way longer than uniing (like 6 years) but they also know i uni

i’ve also (semi) recently gotten a job in a bike shop. differnece is i’m 25 and have a college degree. that helped the most because they needed someone to help with marketing stuff. it’s a pretty small shop and the owner and one assistant manager can ride. not real well and no tmuni but the asst. manager is pretty good at freestyle. but i’ve done a 24 hr mtn bike race they host for the past 2 years and they “know” me from that, so i’m sure that helped. plus i’m the go to guy when people want info on unicycling. which has only happened once so far, but i’ve been there not quite 2 months.

I’ve worked at a bike shop for that past three years and they dont take my unicycling seriously. They also refuse to stock atleast one or two unicycles. Needless to say I’ve finally found a new job. :slight_smile:

what type of work do you do? repair, sales…

i just got some sweet news…i was at my co-op todya at the lbs and i was looking through the norco catalogue and noticed that they carry the 04 Kh hub and crankset(splined) so i asked how much it would be for the hub/crankset and for them to build the wheel for me…that said $150!!!. i was like thats for the hub right? ans my supervisor was like nope thats the whole thing. i love having the full employee discount. plus they said they may hire me full time in the summer… i have to say it was a sweet day at the lbs

yea, i want to see if i can get a job at my LBS…that would be titz

I might get a job at my LBS this summer.

yeah i work at a bike shop and get everything at cost

My very first job was working at a bike shop. We sold Bianchi, and Chiorda bicycles. This was back in the early 70’s. I still have my Bianchi that I purchased when I worked there.

i wished i had a job at my lbs because that would be awesome.