got a hoggy

my hoggy g just came in the mail yesterday, along with a yuni frame cause torker frames are skinny. it turns better than my old tire, it accelerates downhill slower (which is a good thing), and gets more admiring stares. i can’t rollback mount with it cause the tire won’t move (24x3 and 102’s? gasp!) and riding slants with it is to be avoided. actually, the most fun i have with it is dropping it on things and watching it bounce :roll_eyes:

Re: got a hoggy

i’m sure the designers, manufacturers and distibutors of that machine are just thrilled to hear that!
maybe u should mention this on the ‘market research’ thread


i rode about nine miles on it today, and would like to say that i will never again try mounting while the tire’s wet

yes yes far out of the loop I am,
but whats a hoggy???

theres a 20" hoggy too isnt there?

how wide is it?

i heard that theres a 19x2.5 slick somewhere too but i never found one.

Hoggy G is a slick 24" tire which is about as wide as the Fireball, but has a rounder profile

there’s only one size of hoggy, but 3g bikes also makes the slicky g. it’s a 26" slick, but it not as wide as the hoggy