Got 360 Unispin!

After working for 2 days and having big wipeouts I finally landed first try when I went out this morning. Im gonna post a vid soon!:smiley:

It took me about a month maybe month and half or more.

hmmmm, has anyone ever learned 360s befor 180s?

Are you serious? Everyone knows I’m trying to bust a 360 unispin, I can’t believe you started this thread without even posting a vid to back it up dude, I am so dissapointed in you it makes me sick, I’m out of here dude…

Dustin Schaap

P.S. Joking :smiley: Congrats on landing it, I find it hard to concentrate on learning one trick, was it guts with you too instead of technique? I find it easy to spin and jump high enough but just dont have the guts to land it most of the time.


Im still working on mine, I got it [the unicycle] all the way around and my feet tapped the pedals. But i didnt land it.

Funny oh and It was guts at first then technique kicked in. I learned I had to lean over the seat alot. Im doing the vid now, I just gotta land it again:p

i landed 180’s and 360’s in the same week. It just took me a while to get 360’s down.

This is Tunkie working on 360 unispins. The picture was taken Thursday evening.


Ok Ill have the vid tommorow I was filming 360’s and bam the pedal skinned the ball of my ankle so it hurts to walk. I doubt ill go out again today but I will try. Ill post the failure vids if yall wantg me to.

I wish i had a kris holm unicycle:(
I wish i had a unicycle that was ridable (other than my dx) that was trials. or really freestyle, even though i can still do out in front seat stuff on my unicycle, because the weld only bends and will work for that kind of stuff.

I should work on treys, even though they seem impossible, oh well. (very random thought/thoughts)

Im trying to get crankflips I think there imposible.I dont even know if i do em right

it took me forever to get crankflips. I thought i would never get them.

You have to use both hands. Have your seat pretty darn low.

Get as low as you can with both hands. Lean over it. not to far. then flip it as hard as you can. Main word is to lean over it with both hands. 2 words lol. Send me a vid when you get it.

I dont think I have seen anyone but you do flips with 2 hands.