I am looking at getting a GoPro worth the money? want to mount it on my helmet and under my seat. So i found the non hd one for 40$ and saw wondering if i should go and get it.

Buy it! I love mine! it has amazing quality for the price. heres a couple videos I made with it.

Sorry its just a link I couldnt get it to work.

I bought one. My observations. Great quality video… The audio recording is low. I am not a techie so it was difficult for me to get it set up. ie how it works. there is no lcd screen. There are directions that come with it. If you shoot video with the camera mounted on something you have to take the sd card out of the camera look at it on your computer and see if it is positioned in the direction/angle you want to record. and it reminds me of a timex triathlon watch in setting it up. My observations.